On This Day

Historical Figures Born in 1473

Nicolaus Copernicus

Feb 19 Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish mathematician and astronomer who theorized that planets revolve around the sun (Heliocentric theory), born in Toruń, Royal Prussia, Kingdom of Poland (d. 1543)

  • Mar 16 Henry IV the Pious, Duke of Saxony (d. 1541)

James IV

Mar 17 James IV, King of Scotland (1488-1513), born at Stirling Castle, Scotland (d. 1513)

  • Aug 14 Margaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury, daughter of George, Duke of Clarence, born in Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Somerset, England (d. 1541)
  • Aug 17 Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, son of King Edward IV, one of the princes in the tower who disappeared (d. 1483?)
  • Oct 26 Duke Friedrich of Saxony, 36th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights (1498-1510), born in Torgau, Germany (d. 1510)