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Birthdays in History in 1487

  • Feb 8 Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg (d. 1550)
  • Feb 14 Henry II of Bavaria, Bishop of Utrecht (1524-29), Worms (1523-52) and Freising (1541-52), born in Heidelberg, Germany (d. 1552)
  • Jul 17 Ismail I, Shah of Persia, converted Iran from Sunni to Shi'ah, born in Ardabīl, Iran (d. 1524)
  • Aug 27 Anna of Brandenburg, Queen of Denmark, born in Berlin (d. 1514)

Person of interestJulius III

Sep 10 Julius III [Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte], Counter-Reformation Pope (1550-55), born in Monte San Savino, Tuscany (d. 1555)

Counter-Reformation Pope Julius III
Counter-Reformation Pope
Julius III