Historical Figures Born in 1501

  • Jan 16 Anthony Denny, English knight of the shire and confidant of King Henry VIII of England, born in England (d. 1559)
  • Jan 17 Leonhard Fuchs, German physician and botanist (Notable Commentaries on the History of Plants) for which the flowering plants and color Fuchsia is named after, born in Wemding, Bavaria (d. 1566)
  • Feb 24 Sixt Birck [Xystus Betulius], German writer and humanist (Suzanna), born in Augsburg (d. 1554)
  • Apr 19 Erasmus Sarcerius, German Lutheran theologian and reformer, born in Annaberg, Saxony (d. 1559)
  • May 6 Marcellus II [Marcello Cervini], Italian humanist and Pope (1555, 22 days), born in Montefano, Marche, Papal States (d. 1555)
  • Jul 18 Isabella of Burgundy, wife of Christian II of Denmark, born in Brussels (d. 1526)

Girolamo CardanoGirolamo Cardano (1501-1576)

Sep 24 Italian mathematician and astrologer (Ars Magna-1545), born in Pavia, Italy

  • Nov 25 Yi Hwang, Korean Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty, born in Ongye-ri, Andong, North Gyeongsang Province (d. 1570)