Historical Figures Born in 1592

  • Jan 5 Shah Jahan, 5th Mughal Emperor of India (1628-58) who built the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, born in Lahore, Mughal Empire (d. 1666)
  • Jan 22 Pierre Gassendi, French scientist and philosopher (observed 1st transit of Mercury), born in Champtercier, Provence (d. 1655)
  • Mar 28 John Amos Comenius, Czech-speaking Moravian teacher, educator and writer, born in Margraviate of Moravia, Crown of Bohemia (Nivnice, Czech Republic) (d. 1670)
  • Apr 11 John Eliot, English parliament leader, born in Port Eliot, Cornwall, England (d. 1632)
  • Apr 14 Abraham Elsevier, Dutch book publisher, born in Leiden, Netherlands (d. 1652)
  • May 1 Johann A Schall von Bell, German missionary and astronomer, born in Cologne, Germany (d. 1666)
  • May 8 Francis Quarles, English poet (Argalus & Parthenia, Emblems), born in Romford, Essex (d. 1644)
  • May 13 John Cloppenburg, Dutch Calvinist theologian, born in Amsterdam (d. 1652)
  • Jul 10 Pierre d'Hozier, French genealogist, born in Marseille, France (d. 1660)
  • Aug 12 William Count of Nassau-Siegen, Dutch Field Marshall (Governor of Emmerich, Heusden and Sluis), born in Dillenburg (d. 1642)

George VilliersGeorge Villiers (1592-1628)

Aug 28 1st Duke of Buckingham and English courtier who was a favorite of King James I, born in Brooksby, England

  • Oct 22 Gustaf Horn, Swedish soldier and politician, born in Örbyhus Castle, Uppland (d. 1657)
  • Nov 5 Charles Chauncy, American clergyman and President of Harvard College (1654-72), born in Yardley-Bury, England (d. 1672)
  • Dec 6 William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle, English aristocrat and Royalist general in the English Civil War, born in Handsworth, England (d. 1676)