Historical Figures Born in 1596

  • Jan 13 Jan van Goyen, Dutch landscape painter, born in Leiden (d. 1656)
  • Mar 11 Isaac Elsevier, book publisher

René DescartesRené Descartes (1596-1650)

Mar 31 French philosopher (he thought, therefore he was), born in Descartes, Indre-et-Loire, France

  • May 9 Abraham van Diepenbeeck, Dutch painter, baptized in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands (d. 1675)
  • Jun 23 Johan Banér, Swedish soldier (d. 1641)
  • Jun 29 Emperor Go-Mizunoo, 108th Emperor of Japan, born in Kyoto, Japan (d. 1680)
  • Jul 22 Michael I, first Russian Tsar of the House of Romanov (1613-45), born in Moscow, Russia (d. 1645)
  • Aug 16 Frederick V, Elector Palatine and King of Bohemia, born in Deinschwang, near Amberg, Upper Palatinate (d. 1632)
  • Aug 18 Jean Bolland, Flemish Jesuit writer and historian (Acta Sanctorum), born in Tirlemont, Netherlands (d. 1665)
  • Aug 19 Elizabeth Stuart, Electress of the Palatinate, "The Winter Queen" of Bohemia and daughter of James VI and I of England and Scotland, born at Dunfermline Palace, Fife, Kingdom of Scotland (d. 1662)
  • Aug 26 Frederik V, king of Bohemia (White Mountain)
  • Sep 4 Constantijn Huygens, Dutch diplomat and poet, born in The Hague, Netherlands (d. 1687)
  • Sep 23 Joan Blaeu, cartographer/publisher
  • Sep 28 Vredius [Olivier de Wree], Flemish historian and mayor of Brugge, born in Brugge, Belgium (d. 1652)
  • Dec 21 Petro Mohyla, Moldovan Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop of Kiev and Galicia (d. 1646)