Historical Figures Born in 1714

  • Jan 1 Kristijonas Donelaitis, Lithuanian poet (The Seas) and Lutheran pastor, born in Lasdinehlen, East Prussia (d. 1780)
  • Jan 6 Percivall Pott, English physician, born in London, United Kingdom (d. 1788)
  • Jan 28 Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, French sculptor (Child with Cage, Mercury Fastening his Sandals), born in Paris (d. 1785)
  • Feb 22 Louis-Georges de Bréquigny, French historian (d. 1795)
  • Feb 25 Hyde Parker, 5th Baronet, British admiral (captured Spanish treasure galleon Santisima Trinidad), born in Tredington, England (d. 1782)
  • Feb 25 René Nicolas Charles Augustin de Maupeou, Chancellor of France (d. 1792)
  • Feb 26 James Hervey, English clergyman and writer (d. 1758)
  • Mar 27 Francesco Antonio Zaccaria, Italian theologian and historian, born in Venice (d. 1795)
  • Apr 14 Adam Gib, Scottish religious leader, born in Muckhart, Perthshire (d. 1788)
  • Jun 6 Joseph, King of Portugal (1750-77), born in Lisbon, Portugal (d. 1777)
  • Jun 17 César-François Cassini de Thury, French astronomer (geodesic labor), born in Thury-sous-Clermont, Oise, France (d. 1784)
  • Jul 16 Marc René, Marquis de Montalembert, French military engineer and writer, born in Angoulême, France (d. 1800)
  • Aug 1 Richard Wilson, Welsh landscape painter, born in Penegoes, Montgomeryshire, Wales (d. 1782)
  • Aug 14 Claude-Joseph Vernet, French painter, born in Avignon, France (d. 1789)
  • Aug 28 Anthony Ulrich II, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, born in Bevern, Germany (d. 1774)
  • Sep 17 Gottlieb Rabener, German author (Vom Misbrauch of the Satire), born in Wachau, Germany (d. 1771)
  • Sep 19 Charles Humphreys, American delegate to the Continental Congress, born in Haverford, Pennsylvania (d. 1786)
  • Sep 29 Peter A. van de Parra, Governor-general of Netherlands-Indies (1761-75)
  • Oct 16 Giovanni Arduino, Italian geologist (d. 1795)
  • Nov 13 William Shenstone, English poet, born in Leasowes, England (d. 1763)

George WhitefieldGeorge Whitefield (1714-1770)

Dec 16 English-born Methodist leader and preacher, born in Gloucester, England

  • Dec 19 John Winthrop, American astronomer (d. 1779)
  • Dec 21 John Bradstreet, Canadian-born soldier, born in Annapolis Royal, Canada (d. 1774)
  • Dec 31 Yoriyuki Arima, Japanese mathematician (approximated the value of pi and its square, pi^2), born in Kurume, Kyūshū, Japan (d. 1783)