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Birthdays in History in 1743

  • Jan 21 John Fitch, inventor (had a working steamboat years before Fulton)

Person of interestJoseph Banks

Feb 13 Joseph Banks, English botanist and naturalist who accompanied James Cook on board the Endeavour, born in London (d. 1820)

Botanist and explorer Joseph Banks
Botanist and explorer
Joseph Banks

Person of interestThomas Jefferson

Apr 13 Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States (1801-09), born in Albemarle County, Virginia (d. 1826)

3rd US President Thomas Jefferson
3rd US President
Thomas Jefferson
  • Apr 24 Edmund Cartwright, English inventor (power loom), born in Marnham, Nottinghamshire, England (d. 1823)
  • Apr 30 Robert Jasper van der Capellen, Dutch politician and Master of Marsch, born in Eefde, Zutphen, Netherlands (d. 1814)
  • May 17 Seth Warner, American revolutionary leader, born in Roxbury, Connecticut (d. 1784)

Person of interestJean-Paul Marat

May 24 Jean-Paul Marat, French journalist and revolutionary (Friend of the People periodical), born in Boudry, Prussia (d. 1793)

Revolutionary and Journalist Jean-Paul Marat
Revolutionary and Journalist
Jean-Paul Marat
  • Jun 8 Alessandro Cagliostro [Giuseppe Balsamo], Italian adventurer and magician (Prince of Quacks), born in Palermo, Sicily (d. 1795)
  • Jul 3 Sophia Magdalena of Denmark, Queen consort of Sweden, born in Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark (d. 1813)
  • Jul 14 Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin, Russian poet (d. 1816)
  • Jul 31 August R van Hekeren van Suideras, Dutch orangist
  • Aug 19 Marie Jeanne Becu, Comtesse du Barry, last mistress of Louis XV, born in Vaucouleurs, France (d. 1793)
  • Aug 26 Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, father of modern chemistry (identified oxygen and hydrogen), born in Paris, France (d. 1794)
  • Sep 17 Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, Marquis of Condorcet, French enlightenment philosopher and mathematician, born in Ribemont, Picardy, France (d. 1794)

Person of interestMarquis de Condorcet

Sep 17 Marquis de Condorcet, French enlightenment philosopher (Condorcet Method), born in Ribemont, France (d. 1794)

Enlightenment Philosopher Marquis de Condorcet
Enlightenment Philosopher
Marquis de Condorcet
  • Sep 22 Quintin Craufurd, British author (d. 1819)
  • Nov 11 Carl Peter Thunberg, Swedish naturalist, born in Jönköping, Sweden (d. 1828)
  • Dec 1 Martin H Klaproth, German chemist (uranium)
  • Dec 23 Ippolit Bogdanovich, Russian poet (d. 1803)