Historical Figures Born in 1784

George Hamilton-Gordon (1784-1860)

Jan 28 4th Earl of Aberdeen, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Peelite: 1852-55) and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1841-46), born in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Feb 5 Nancy Hanks Lincoln, mother of Abraham Lincoln, born in Hampshire County, West Virginia (d. 1818)
  • Feb 20 Adam Black, Scottish politician and publisher (A & C Black), born in Edinburgh, Scotland (d. 1874)
  • Feb 27 Elias Annes Borger, Dutch theologist and poet (To the Rhine), born in Journe (d. 1820)
  • Feb 29 Leo von Klenze, German architect (New Hermitage), born in Buchladen (d. 1864)
  • Mar 27 Alexander Csoma de Kőrös, Hungarian Tibetan scholar (first Tibetan-English Dictionary), born in Kőrös, Transylvania (d. 1842)
  • Mar 27 Jonathan Jennings, American politician (Governor of Indiana, 1816–1822; Congressman for Indiana, 1822–1831), born in Readington, New Jersey (d. 1834)
  • Apr 13 Cornelis Smit, Dutch ship builder, born in Alblasserdam, Netherlands (d. 1858)
  • Apr 13 Friedrich Graf von Wrangel, Prussian field marshal, born in Stettin, Kingdom of Prussia (d. 1877)
  • Apr 24 Peter Vivian Daniel, American jurist, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1841-60), born in Stafford County, Virginia (d. 1860)
  • Apr 29 Samuel Turell Armstrong, American politician and acting Governor of Massachusetts (1833- 36), born in Dorchester, Massachusetts (d. 1850)
  • Jul 22 Friedrich Bessel, German astronomer and mathematician (star parallax, Bessel functions), born in Minden, Kingdom of Prussia (d. 1846)
  • Jul 27 Denis Davydov, Russian general and poet, born in Moscow, Russia (d. 1839)
  • Aug 14 Francesco Capaccini, Italian cardinal and diplomat, born in Rome (d. 1845)

Ferdinand VII (1784-1833)

Oct 14 King of Spain (1808, 1813-33) who lost nearly all of Spain's possessions in Latin America, born in El Escorial, Spain

  • Oct 15 Thomas Robert Bugeaud, Marshal of France and duke of Isly, born in Limoges, France (d. 1849)
  • Oct 19 John McLoughlin, Canadian Hudson's Bay Co pioneer and fur trader in Oregon Country, born in Rivière du Loup, Quebec (d. 1857)
  • Oct 19 Leigh Hunt, English poet, critic and journalist (Romantic Movement, "Jenny Kissed Me”), born in Southgate, England (d. 1859)

Henry John Temple (1784-1865)

Oct 20 3rd Viscount Palmerston, British Prime Minister (1855-58 and 1859-65), born in Westminster, Middlesex

  • Nov 15 Jérôme Bonaparte, King of Westphalia (1807-13), born in Ajaccio, Corsica (d. 1860)
  • Nov 24 Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, Swiss traveller and orientalist, 1st European to discover Petra and Abu Simbel, born in Lausanne, Switzerland (d. 1817)

Zachary Taylor (1784-1850)

Nov 24 12th US President (1849-50) and major general in the Mexican–American War, born in Barboursville, Virginia

  • Dec 7 Allan Cunningham, Scottish poet and author, born in Keir, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland (d. 1842)
  • Dec 13 Archduke Louis of Austria, 14th child of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II and Feldmarschal-Leutnant of Austrian Imperial Army, born in Florence, Italy (d. 1864)
  • Dec 14 Maria Antonia of Naples and Sicily, Princess of Asturias, born in Caserta Palace, Caserta, Naples (d. 1806)
  • Dec 19 Marcus Morton, 16th and 18th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1864)
  • Dec 24 Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna of Russia, born in Saint Petersburg, Russia (d. 1803)
  • Dec 30 Dorothea Lieven, Russian-born correspondent of Czars and Empresses (held influential salons in London and Paris), born in Riga (d. 1857)