Birthdays in History in August 1942

Person of interestIsabel Allende

Aug 2 Isabel Allende, Chilean-American author, novelist (The House of the Spirits, City of the Beasts) and Nobel Prize winner, born in Lima, Peru

  • Aug 4 David Russell Lange, PM (L) NZ (1984-89)
  • Aug 6 George Jung [Boston George], American convicted drug felon whose story was portrayed in the biopic "Blow", born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Aug 7 Garrison Keillor, Minn, PBS radio personality (Prairie Home Companion)
  • Aug 10 Betsy Johnson, fashion designer (1971 Winnie Award)
  • Aug 13 Robert Lee Stewart, American Brigadier General and astronaut (STS 41B, 51J), born in Washington, D.C.
  • Aug 15 Larry Hartsell, American martial artist, bodyguard, trainer, student of Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto, born in Charlotte, North Carolina (d. 2007)
  • Aug 16 John Meulendijks, Dutch cryptogram maker (People's Daily)
  • Aug 19 Michiel Patijn, Dutch asst sect of state of Foreign affairs (1994- )
  • Aug 22 Uğur Mumcu, Turkish journalist and writer (Cumhuriyet Murder), born in Kırşehir, Turkey (d. 1993)
  • Aug 24 Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck, mathemetician/educator
  • Aug 24 Max Cleland, American politician
  • Aug 24 Howard Jacobson, British novelist and newspaper columnist
  • Aug 25 Nathan Deal, American attorney and politician (Rep-D-Georgia), born in Millen, Georgia
  • Aug 26 John E Blaha, USAF/astronaut (STS 29, 33, 43, 58, 79/81), born in San Antonio, Texas
  • Aug 27 Brian Peckford, Canadian politician
  • Aug 29 James Glennon, American cinematographer (d. 2006)
  • Aug 29 John Heuser, Electron microscopist
  • Aug 30 Jonathan Aitken, English MP
  • Aug 31 Eugenio Trias, philosopher, born in Barcelona, Spain (d. 2013)