Year 1077 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 21 German King Henry IV petitions Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness
  • Jan 28 German King Henry IV is absolved by Holy Roman Emperor Pope Gregory VII and invited back to the Church after his penitent Walk to Canossa
  • Apr 3 The first Parliament of Friuli is created
  • Jul 14 Bayeux Tapestry likely first goes on display to decorate the nave during the consecration of Notre-Dame of Bayeux Cathedral, Bayeux, Normandy [1]
  • Oct 30 Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV gives the district of Stavoren to the bishop of Utrecht (Conrad, his former tutor)

Historical Figures Born in 1077

  • Jan 4 Emperor Zhezong of Song Dynasty in China (d. 1100)

Historical Figures Who Died in 1077

  • Apr 24 Geza I, King of Hungary (1074-7), dies
  • Dec 14 Agnes of Poitou, German Empress & wife of Emperor Henry III, dies at 52