Year 1229 in History

Events in History

  • Mar 18 Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II crowns himself King of Jerusalem
  • Apr 12 Queen Blanche of Castile & Earl Raymond VII of Toulouse sign peace
  • Apr 23 Ferdinand III of Castile conquers Cáceres
  • Sep 11 Ogodei, son of Genghis Khan, is elected the Mongolian Khan, succeeding Genghis after his father's death (or 13 Sept)
  • Sep 12 Aragonese army led by James I of Aragon disembarks at Santa Ponça, Majorca, to conquer the island
  • Oct 23 Otto II becomes earl of Gelre
  • Dec 31 James I of Aragon the Conqueror enters Medina Mayurqa (Palma) consummating Christian conquest of the island of Majorca

Historical Figures Born in 1229

  • Apr 13 Louis II, Duke of Bavaria, ruler of upper Baveria, born in Heidelberg, Germany (d. 1294)

Historical Figures Who Died in 1229

  • Jan 17 Albert, Bishop of Riga/Albert of Buxhoeveden, founder of the Livonian Brothers of the Sword, dies at about 68
  • Apr 4 Hugo van Pierrepont, bishop of Liege, dies