Year 1271 in History

Events in History

  • Apr 8 Krak des Chevaliers, the greatest fortress built by medieval crusaders in the Levant, is finally taken by the forces of Mamlūk sultan Baybars I
  • Dec 18 Kublai Khan renames his empire "Yuan" (元 yuán), marking the start of the Yuan Dynasty of China

Historical Figures Born in 1271

  • Sep 8 Charles Martel of Anjou, Son of Charles II of Naples, born in Naples, Italy (d. 1295)
  • Sep 17 Wenceslaus II, King of Bohemia & Poland (1278-1305), born in Prague, Bohemia (d. 1305)
  • Nov 5 Maḥmūd Ghāzān, 7th Mongol Empire ruler in Iran, born in Abaskun, Iran (d. 1304)

Historical Figures Who Died in 1271

  • Jan 10 Otto II, the Lame, earl of Gelre, dies
  • Jan 28 Isabella of Aragon, wife of Philip III and Queen consort of France (1270-1), dies of complications from childbirth at 22 or 23
  • Mar 13 Henry of Almain, English crusader (b. 1235)
  • Apr 25 Master Gerhard, first master mason of Cologne Cathedral, falls to his death from scaffolding during the building of the cathedral (b. c. 1210)
  • Aug 21 Alphonse of Toulouse, son of Louis VIII of France, dies at 50

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