Year 1320 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 20 Duke Wladyslaw Lokietek becomes King of Poland
  • Apr 6 The Scots reaffirm their independence by signing the Declaration of Arbroath

Historical Figures Born in 1320

  • Apr 8 Pedro I, King of Portugal (also called "the Just" or "the Cruel"), King of Portugal and of the Algarves (1357-67), born in Coimbra, Portugal (d. 1367)

Historical Marriages

  • Jul 21 Count Louis of Nevers marries 8-year old daughter of Philips V

Historical Figures Who Died in 1320

  • Jul 20 King Oshin of Armenia (b. 1282)
  • Oct 12 Michael IX Palaeologus, co-ruling Byzantine Emperor (1295-1320), eldest son of Andronikos II Palaiologos and Anna of Hungary, dies at 43