Year 1356 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 10 German Emperor Charles I promulgates the 'Golden Bull', to regulate the election of a new king - the most important constitutional document of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Jan 20 Edward Balliol abdicates as King of Scots
  • Sep 19 English forces under Edward the Black Prince defeat French at the Battle of Poitiers and capture the French King John II during the Hundred Years' War
  • Oct 18 Basel earthquake, the most significant historic seismological event north of the Alps, destroys Basel in Switzerland.

Historical Figures Who Died in 1356

  • Jan 23 Margaretha of Bavaria, Emperess of Germany, dies
  • Sep 19 Gautier de Brienne, duke of Athens/French supreme commander, dies
  • Sep 19 Geoffroy de Charny, French nobleman, dies in battle
  • Sep 19 Jean de Clermont, French marshal, dies in battle
  • Sep 19 Peter I, Duke of Bourbon, killed at the Battle of Poitiers (b. 1311)