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Year 1368 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 23 In a coronation ceremony, Zhu Yuanzhang ascends to the throne of China as the Hongwu Emperor, initiating Ming Dynasty rule over China that would last for three centuries.

Historical Figures Born in 1368

  • Feb 15 Sigismund, Holy Roman emperor (1410-37), born in Nuremberg, Kingdom of Germany (d. 1437)
  • Dec 3 Charles VI "the Well-Beloved", King of France (1380-1422), born in Paris, Île-de-France, France (d. 1422)

Historical Figures Who Died in 1368

  • Mar 29 Emperor Go-Murakami, Emperor of Japan (b. 1328)
  • Aug 26 Engelbrecht van der Mark, prince-Bishop of Luik (1345-64), dies
  • Oct 7 Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence, son of Edward III of England, dies at 29