Year 1382 in History

Events in History

  • Mar 1 Maillotin uprising against taxes in France
  • Mar 15 Conservative "Popolo Grasso" regain power in Florence, Italy
  • May 3 Battle of Beverhoutsveld near Bruges in modern-day Belgium - the army of Ghent beats a drunken Bruges militia
  • May 21 Earthquake centered on Dover Straits with estimated magnitude of 6.0 causes widespread damage, including to Canterbury Cathedral
  • Nov 27 Battle of Westrozebeke/Roosebeke. French army defeats the Flemish army. Flemish leader Philip Van Artevelde killed and corpse displayed

Historical Marriages

  • Jan 20 King Richard II of England marries Anne of Bohemia and daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor at Westminster Abbey. Anne dies of plague in 1394.

Historical Figures Who Died in 1382

  • May 12 Johanna I, Queen of Naples/Provence, dies
  • Jun 9 Philip of Lead, lawyer of Utrecht, dies
  • Jul 11 Nicholas van Oresme, French philosopher/bishop of Lisieux, dies at 62
  • Aug 13 Eleanor of Aragon, wife of John I of Castile (b. 1358)
  • Sep 10 Louis I, the Great, King of Hungary/Poland, dies

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