Year 1404 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 13 The Act of Multipliers is passed by the English Parliament forbidding alchemists to use their knowledge to create precious metals (it was feared that if any alchemist should succeed it would bring ruin upon the state)
  • Sep 26 Brussels Brabants/Limburgse audit-office established
  • Oct 17 Cosma de' Migliorati elected Pope Innocentius VII

Historical Figures Born in 1404

  • Feb 9 Constantine XI Dragases, last Byzantine Emperor
  • Feb 18 Leon B Alberti, Italian humanist/architect (Della Pittura)
  • Mar 25 John Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset, English military leader (d. 1444)
  • Jul 25 Philip I, Duke of Brabant (1427-30) (d. 1430)
  • Oct 14 Marie of Anjou, Queen of France (1422-61), born in Angers, France (d. 1463)

Historical Marriages

  • Aug 1 Earl Engelbert I of Nassau marries Johanna of Poland

Historical Figures Who Died in 1404

  • Apr 27 Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy (1363-1404), dies at 62
  • Sep 14 Albert IV, Duke of Austria, dies at 26
  • Sep 27 William of Wykeham, chancellor/Bishop of Winchester, dies
  • Oct 1 Boniface IX [Pietro Tomacelli], Pope (1389-1404), dies
  • Oct 15 Marie of Valois, Princess of France, dies at 60

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