Year 1483 in History

Events in History

  • Apr 9 Edward V (aged 12) succeeds his father Edward IV as king of England. He is never crowned, and disappears presumed murdered, after incarceration in the Tower of London with his younger brother Richard (the "Princes in the Tower")
  • Apr 30 Orbital calculations suggest that on this day, Pluto moved inside Neptune's orbit until July 23, 1503
  • May 14 Coronation of Charles VIII of France ("Charles the Affable")
  • Jun 25 The House of Lords and Commons declares King Edward V of England as illegitimate based on his parent's alleged bigamous marriage
  • Jun 26 Duke of Gloucester succeeds as King Richard III of England after Parliament declared Edward V illegitimate
  • Jul 6 Richard III is crowned King of England after deposing Edward V
  • Aug 9 Opening of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican
  • Sep 3 Utrecht surrenders to Habsburg army
  • Oct 13 Rabbi Issac Abarbanel starts his exegesis on Bible
  • Oct 17 Tomas de Torquemada appointed inquisitor-general of Spain