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1503 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 20 Casa Contratacion (Board of Trade) found (Spain) to deal with American affairs
  • Feb 13 Disfida di Barletta - Famous challenge between 13 Italian and 13 French knights near Barletta, Southern Italy

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 18 Henry Tudor (later Henry VIII) created Prince of Wales

King of England Henry VIII
King of England
Henry VIII
  • Apr 28 Battle at Cerignalo: Spanish army under G Cordoba beats France

DiscoveryHistoric Discovery

May 10 Christopher Columbus discovers Cayman Islands

Explorer of the New World Christopher Columbus
Explorer of the New World
Christopher Columbus

ItalyThe Statue of David

Sep 13 Michelangelo begins work on his statue of David.
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A masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture, The Statue of David completed by Michelangelo in 1504
A masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture, The Statue of David completed by Michelangelo in 1504
  • Oct 30 Queen Isabella of Spain bans violence against indians

BeatificationPapal Inauguration

Nov 11 Pope Julius II elected

The Warrior Pope Julius II
The Warrior Pope
Julius II
  • Dec 29 Battle of Garigliano: Spanish army under General Cordoba defeats French forces

Birthdays in History

  • Jan 11 Francesco Parmigianino, Italian artist (Madonna with the Long Neck)
  • Mar 10 Ferdinand I, German emperor (1558-64)
  • Mar 19 Benedetto Varchi, Italian humanist/historian (Storia Fiorentina)
  • Mar 22 Antonio Francesco Grazzini, Italian writer (d. 1583)
  • Jun 1 Wilhelm von Grumbach, German lt col
  • Jun 28 Giovanni Della Casa, Italian poet (Galateo), born in La Casa, Mugello, Tuscany (d. 1556)
  • Jun 30 John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony (1532-47), born in Torgau, Electorate of Saxony, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1554)
  • Jul 23 Anna of Bohemia and Hungary, Queen of the Romans, born in Buda, Hungary (d. 1547)
  • Aug 12 Christian III, King of Denmark and Norway (1534-59), born in Gottorf Castle, Germany (d. 1559)
  • Oct 23 Isabella of Portugal, Queen of Spain and empress of Germany, born in Lisbon, Portugal (d. 1539)
  • Nov 17 Il Bronzino, Florentine painter (Eleanor de Toledo & her Son)

Person of interestNostradamus

Dec 14 Nostradamus [Michel de Nostre-Dam], French astrologist and prophet (Les Propheties), born in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France (d. 1566)

Astrologer/Prophet Nostradamus

Deaths in History

  • Feb 4 Queen Elizabeth, consort of Henry VII of England, dies
  • Feb 11 Elizabeth of York, Queen Consort of England and wife of King Henry VII, dies on 38th birthday
  • Feb 15 Henry Deane, Archbishop of Canterbury (1501-03), dies
  • May 20 Lorenzo de Medici, Italian patron (b. 1463)
  • Aug 18 Alexander VI, [Rodrigo de Borja], Spanish Pope (1492-1503), dies
  • Oct 18 Pius III, [Francesco Todeschini], Pope (9/22-10/18/1503), dies
  • Nov 23 Bona of Savoy, Italian noblewoman (b. 1449)
  • Nov 23 Margaret of York (Margaret of Burgendy), wife of Charles I, Duke of Burgundy, dies at 57
  • Dec 28 Piero di Lorenzo de' Medici, ruler of Florence (b. 1471)