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1553 in History

Events in History

  • Apr 29 Flemish woman introduces practice of starching linen into England
  • Jun 12 King Edward VI accepts Archbishop Cranmer's "42 Articles"
  • Jun 26 Christ's Hospital in England granted a charter
  • Jul 9 Battle at Sievershausen Solingen: van Saksen beats Alcibiades
  • Jul 10 Lady Jane Grey, daughter of the Duke of Suffolk, proclaimed Queen of England, succeeds Edward VI, who proclaimed his half-sisters illegitimate. Reigns for nine days.
  • Jul 19 15-year-old Lady Jane Grey deposed as England's Queen after 9 days
  • Jul 20 John Dudley, Lord President of the Council under Edward VI, captured in Cambridge
  • Aug 12 Pope Julius III orders confiscation & burning of Jewish Talmud

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 13 Michael Servetus is arrested by John Calvin in Geneva as a heretic.

Protestant Reformer and Theologian John Calvin
Protestant Reformer and Theologian
John Calvin
  • Aug 23 Bishop Stephen Gardiner appointed English Lord Chancellor
  • Sep 8 City of Lichfield, England, founded
  • Sep 13 English bishop Hugh Latimer arrested
  • Oct 21 Volumes of Talmud are burned
  • Oct 27 Condemned as a heretic, Michael Servetus is burned at the stake just outside Geneva
  • Nov 13 English Lady Jane Grey and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer accused of high treason
  • Dec 25 Battle of Tucapel: Mapuche rebels under Lautaro defeats the Spanish conquistadors and exetutes the governor of Chile Pedro de Valdivia.

Birthdays in History

  • Jan 22 Mori Terumoto, Japanese warrior (d. 1625)
  • Mar 29 Vitsentzos Kornaros, Greek Renaissance poet, born in Trapezonda, Sitia, Kingdom of Candia (d. 1613 or 1614)
  • Apr 30 Louise de Lorraine, Queen consort of France (1575-89), born in Nomeny, Bar, France (d. 1601)

Person of interestAlbert Frederick

May 7 Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia (1568–1618), born in Konigsberg, Duchy of Prussia (d. 1618)

Duke of Prussia Albert Frederick
Duke of Prussia
Albert Frederick
  • May 14 Margaret of Valois, wife of Henry IV (d. 1615)
  • Jun 5 Bernardino Baldi, Italian mathematician and writer, born in Urbino, Marche, Italy (d. 1617)
  • Jun 15 Ernst, archduke of Austria/governor of the Netherlands
  • Jul 15 Archduke Ernest of Austria (d. 1595)
  • Nov 23 Prospero Alpini, Italian botanist/physician (De Medocoma Aegyptorum)

Person of interestHenry IV of France

Dec 13 Henry IV, 1st Bourbon King of Navarra (1572-1610) and France (1589-1610), born in Pau, Navarre (d. 1610)

Weddings in History

  • May 21 Lady Jane Grey (15), later English queen for 9 days, marries Lord Guildford Dudley (18)

Deaths in History

  • Feb 19 Erasmus Reinhold, German mathematician (calculated planetary table), dies at 41
  • Feb 25 Hirate Masahide, Japanese diplomat and tutor of Oda Nobunaga (suicide) (b. 1492)
  • Apr 9 Francois Rabelais, French author (Gargantua, Pantagruel), dies at 49
  • Jul 6 Edward VI Tudor, King of England (1547-53), dies at 15
  • Jul 9 Maurice, Elector of Saxony (b. 1521)
  • Jul 11 Mauritius, duke/monarch of Saksen (1547-53), dies of injuries at 32
  • Aug 8 Girolamo Fracastoro, Italian physician (b. 1478)
  • Aug 17 Charles III, Duke of Savoy (1504-53), dies at 66
  • Aug 22 John Dudley, English Lord Admiral/premier (1551-53), beheaded
  • Sep 4 Cornelia da Nomatalcino, monk converted to Judaism, burned at stake
  • Oct 16 Lucas Cranach Sr, German painter, dies at 81
  • Oct 19 Bonifazio Veronese/Veneziano, [de' Pitati], Italian painter, dies
  • Oct 27 Michael Servetus, Spanish physician, burns at stake for heresy
  • Oct 30 Jacob Sturm von Sturmeck, German statesman and reformer (b. 1489)
  • Dec 14 Hanibal Lucić, Croatian writer, dies at 68