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1558 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 7 Calais, last English possession in France, retaken by French
  • Jan 8 French troops under Duc de Guise occupy Calais
  • Jan 9 Geneva becomes independent from Berne canton, Switzerland
  • Jan 11 Westmunster Church in Middelburg destroyed by heavy storm
  • Mar 5 Smoking tobacco introduced into Europe by Spanish physician Francisco Fernandes
  • Apr 4 Tsar Ivan IV gives parts of North-Russia to fur traders
  • May 3 Ferdinand I officially appointed Holy Roman Emperor after his brother Charles abdicated in 1556
  • Jul 13 Battle of Gravelines: In France, Spanish forces led by Count Lamoral of Egmont defeat the French forces of Marshal Paul des Thermes at Gravelines
  • Jul 23 Battle of Grevelingen: Lamoraal, Count of Egmont beat France
  • Aug 4 1st printing of Zohar (Jewish Kabbalah)
  • Aug 24 Battle of Gravelines: English fleet beats Spanish
  • Oct 9 Mérida is founded in Venezuela
  • Nov 7 French King Henri II occupies Calais

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 17 Elizabeth I aged 25, ascends the English throne upon death of her half sister, Queen "Bloody" Mary

Queen of England and Ireland Elizabeth I
Queen of England and Ireland
Elizabeth I
  • Nov 17 The Church of England is re-established

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Dec 29 Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, buried in El Escorial, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor
Charles V

Birthdays in History

  • May 16 Andreas of Austria, Bohemia cardinal/gov of Netherlands (1598-1600)
  • Jul 11 Robert Greene, English writer (Friar Bacon), born in Norwich, England (d. 1592)
  • Aug 19 Paulus Merula, Dutch lawyer and historian (Historia Belgica), born in Dordrecht, Netherlands (d. 1607)
  • Sep 9 Philippe Emmanuel, Duke of Mercoeur, French soldier, born in Nomeny, Meurthe-et-Moselle (d. 1602)
  • Oct 12 Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria (1612-18), born in Wiener Neustadt, Austria (d. 1618)
  • Oct 12 Jacques Sirmond, French scholar and Jesuit, born in Riom, France (d. 1651)

Person of interestThomas Kyd

Nov 6 Thomas Kyd, English dramatist (Spanish Tragedy), born in London (d. 1594)

Dramatist and Playwright Thomas Kyd
Dramatist and Playwright
Thomas Kyd

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

Apr 24 Mary, Queen of Scots marries French dauphin Francis

Queen of Scotland Mary, Queen of Scots
Queen of Scotland
Mary, Queen of Scots

Deaths in History

  • Feb 3 Alfonsus de Castro, Spanish theologist (council of Trente), dies
  • Feb 25 Eleanor of Austria, Queen of Portugal and France, dies at 59
  • Mar 13 Jean Fernel, French physician/physiologist, dies
  • Mar 24 Anna van Buren, countess of Egmond/Buren/Lingen, dies
  • Mar 25 Marcos de Niza, French Franciscan explorer
  • Apr 18 Roxelana, wife of Otttoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, dies at ~54
  • Apr 20 Johannes Bugenhagen, German reformer, dies at 72
  • Apr 26 Jean Francois Fernel, French physician (coined the term "physiology"), dies at 61
  • May 31 Philip Hoby, English politician (b. 1505)
  • Jun 4 Maximilian of Burgundy, leader of Holland/admiral, dies at 43

Person of interestCharles V

Sep 21 Charles V, King of Spain (1516-56) and Holy Roman Emperor (1519-56), dies of malaria at 58

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor
Charles V
  • Oct 18 Maria, Queen of Hungary as wife of Louis II and Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands (1531-55), dies at 53
  • Oct 21 Julius Caesar Scaliger, Italian-French physician and scholar (On the Subtlety of Things), dies at 74
  • Nov 12 Shalom Shakna ben Joseph, Rabbi (founder of 1st Polish Yeshiva), dies
  • Nov 17 Reginald Pole, English cardinal/scholar/"heretic", dies at 58
  • Nov 17 Mary I [Bloody Mary], English Queen of England (1553-58), dies at 42
  • Nov 23 Charles, earl of Lalaing/land guardian of the Neth, dies at 52