Year 1579 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 6 Northern Hasburg Netherlands counties of Artois and Hainault and city Dowaai sign pro-Spanish and pro-Roman Catholic Union of Arras (Unie van Atrecht)
  • Jan 23 Union of Utrecht signed by Northern Habsburg counties of Holland and Zeeland, and provinces of Utrecht and Groningen, marking the beginning of protestant Dutch Republic
  • Mar 1 British admiral and explorer Francis Drake surprises and captures the Spanish treasure ship Nuestra Señora de la Concepción off the coast of Peru, Drake's richest plunder [1]
  • Mar 5 Betuwe joins Union of Utrecht
  • Mar 6 Veluwe joins Union of Utrecht
  • Mar 23 Friesland joins Union of Utrecht
  • Apr 11 Venlo joins Union of Utrecht
  • May 7 Congress of Cologne forms in Netherlands
  • May 17 Artois, Henegouwen and French-Flanders sign Treaty, the Peace of Parma recognizing Spanish Duke van Parma as land guardian
  • Jun 17 Anti-English uprising in Ireland
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Historical Figures Born in 1579

  • Jan 4 Willem Teellinck, Dutch theologist/vicar
  • Jan 12 Jan Baptist van Helmont, Flemish chemist, (found boiling point temperature)
  • Feb 9 John Meursius [van Meurs], Dutch historian
  • Apr 12 François de Bassompierre, marshal of France, born in Haroué, France (d. 1646)
  • Jul 13 Arthur Dee, English physician, born in Mortlake, London (d. 1651)

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Historical Figures Who Died in 1579

  • Feb 20 Nicholas Bacon, English politician (b. 1509)
  • Jun 25 Hatano Hideharu, Japanese warlord and samurai (b. 1541)
  • Aug 5 Stanislaus Hosius, Polish Catholic cardinal (b. 1504)
  • Oct 11 Sokollu Mehmed Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire (1565-79), assassinated at 72 or 73
  • Oct 24 Albrecht V von Wittelsbach, duke of Bavaria, dies at 51

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