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1588 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 22 Pope Sixtus V decrees "Immense aeterni" (Reformed curia)
  • Apr 4 Christian IV succeeds Frederick II as king of Denmark
  • May 9 Duke Henri de Guise's troops occupy Paris
  • May 12 Catholic League under duke Henri de Guise occupies Paris
  • May 13 King Henri III flees Paris
  • May 28 Spanish Armada under the Duke of Medina-Sidonia departs Lisbon to invade England
  • Jun 19 Spanish Armada heavily destroyed in storm at Coruna
  • Jul 11 French King Henri III accept demands of Catholic League
  • Jul 21 First engagement between the English fleet and the Spanish Armada off the Eddystone Rocks
  • Jul 26 English Admiral John Hawkins knighted for his actions against the Armada
  • Jul 29 The Battle of Gravelines - Spanish Armada damaged and scattered by the English fleet
  • Jul 29 Duke Farneses troops ready for invasion of England
  • Aug 12 Commander of the English fleet Lord Howard of Effingham calls off chase of the Spanish Armada off coast of Scotland
  • Aug 12 Medemblik surrenders to Spanish army
  • Oct 23 Remnants of Medina Sidonia's Spanish Armada returns to Santander
  • Dec 23 "The Day of the Dagger" Henry, Duke of Guise, leader of the Catholic League is assassinated by the bodyguards of King Henry III at the Château de Blois

Birthdays in History

Person of interestJohn Winthrop

Jan 12 John Winthrop, English Puritan lawyer and 1st governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, born in Edwardstone, England (d. 1649)

Founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony John Winthrop
Founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Winthrop
  • Feb 19 Pieter de Carpentier, Flemish gov-gen of Dutch East-Indies

Person of interestThomas Hobbes

Apr 5 Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher (Leviathan), born in Westport, England (d. 1679)

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes
  • Apr 15 Claudius Salmasius [Claude Saumaise], French linguist, born in Semur-en-Auxois, France (d. 1653)
  • May 13 Ole Worm, Danish physician, born in Aarhus, Denmark–Norway (d. 1654)
  • May 28 Pierre Séguier, Chancellor of France, born in Paris (d. 1672)
  • Jun 11 George Wither, English writer (Abuses Stript and Whipt), born in Hampshire, England (d. 1667)
  • Sep 1 Henry II, Prince of Condé, French nobleman (d. 1646)
  • Sep 8 Marin Mersenne, French mathematician (Number of Mersenne), born in Oizé, Maine, France (d. 1648)
  • Nov 27 Valerius Andreas, Flemish historian, born in Dessel, North Brabant (d. 1655)
  • Dec 10 Isaac Beeckman, Dutch scientist and philosopher, born in Middelburg, Netherlands (d. 1637)
  • Dec 24 Constance of Austria, queen of Poland, born in Graz, Austria (d. 1631)

Deaths in History

  • Jan 17 Qi Jiguang, Chinese general, dies at 59
  • Feb 9 Marquis of Santa Cruz, Spanish admiral, dies
  • Feb 10 Joost Sybrantsz Buyck, Amsterdam merchant/regent, dies at about 82
  • Feb 24 Johann Weyer, Dutch physician and occultist
  • Mar 10 Theodor Zwinger, Swiss physician and scholar, dies at 54
  • Mar 17 Petrus Dathenus, Flemish minister/physician (Psalms of David), dies
  • Apr 4 Frederick II, King of Denmark and Norway (1559-88), dies at 53
  • Apr 19 Paolo Veronese (Cagliari), painter, dies
  • Jun 10 Valentin Weigel, German mystic, dies
  • Jun 18 Anna van Nassau, daughter of William the Silent and his second wife, Anna of Saxony and wife of William Louis, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, dies at 24
  • Jun 18 Robert Crowley, English printer and poet
  • Jul 17 Mimar Sinan, Ottoman architect and civil engineer for Sultans Suleiman the Magnificent, Selim II, and Murad III, dies at 99
  • Aug 8 Alonso Sánchez Coello, Spanish painter
  • Sep 4 Robert Dudley, English Earl of Leicester, favourite of Elizabeth I, dies at 87
  • Oct 1 Blessed Edward James, Catholic martyr and priest, executed (beatified 1929)
  • Oct 2 Bernardino Telesio, Italian philosopher (Rerum in Child), dies
  • Nov 1 Jean Daurat, French poet (b. 1508)
  • Nov 2 Wilhelmus Damasi, theologist/1st bishop of Roermond, dies at 63
  • Dec 23 Hendrik de Guise, French leader of Catholic League, murdered at 37