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1626 in History

Events in History

  • Feb 6 Huguenot rebels & French sign Peace of La Rochelle
  • Feb 27 Yuan Chonghuan is appointed Governor of Liaodong, after he led the Chinese into a great victory against the Manchurians under Nurhaci
  • Apr 25 Battle at the Dessau bridge: Albrecht von Wallenstein beats Ernst von Mansfeld
  • May 4 Peter Minuit becomes director-general of New Netherlands
  • May 6 Dutch colonist Peter Minuit organizes the purchase of Manhattan Island from Native Americans for 60 guilders worth of goods, believed to have been Canarsee Indians of the Lenape
  • May 30 An explosion at the Wanggongchang Gunpowder Factory in Beijing destroys part of the city and kills 20,000 people

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 15 King Charles I disbands English parliament

King of England Charles I
King of England
Charles I
  • Jul 5 Battle at Lenz: Rebel Austrian Boers defeated
  • Aug 1 Earl Earnest Casimir conquers Oldenzaal
  • Aug 27 Battle of Lutter: Catholic League beats Danish king Christian IV
  • Sep 30 Battle between King Bethlen Gabor & Earl Mansfeld-Wallenstein ends

Papal VisitSt. Peter's Basilica

Nov 18 St. Peter's Basilica is consecrated, replacing an earlier basilica on the same site and becoming the world's largest Christian basilica
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St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City, Rome
St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City, Rome
  • Dec 1 Pasha Muhammad ibn Farukh tyrannical gov of Jerusalem, driven out
  • Dec 20 Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and Prince of Transylvania Gabor Bethlen sign Peace of Pressburg (Bratislava)

Birthdays in History

  • Jan 16 Lucas Achtschellinck, Flemish landscape painter (Wooded Landscape), born in Brussels, Belgium (d. 1699)
  • Jan 25 John van de Cappelle, Dutch painter, born in Amsterdam, Netherlands (d. 1679)
  • Feb 5 Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de Sévigné, French author (d. 1696)
  • Mar 12 John Aubrey, English antiquary and writer (d. 1697)
  • Apr 5 Jan van Kessel, Flemish painter, born in Antwerp (d. 1679)
  • Apr 13 Aert Jansse van Nes, Dutch naval commander, born in Rotterdam, Netherlands (d. 1693)
  • May 12 Louis Hennepin, Flemish missionary (d. 1705)
  • May 27 William II, Prince of Orange and stadtholder of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, born in The Hague, Dutch Republic (d. 1650)
  • Jul 25 Gerard Brandt, Dutch theologist, poet and historian, born in Amsterdam (d. 1685)
  • Aug 1 Sabbatai Zevi, Montenegrin rabbi, kabbalist, and founder of the Jewish Sabbatean movement, born in Ottoman Empire (d. 1676)
  • Aug 14 Daniel Elsevier, Dutch book publisher, born in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherland (d. 1680)
  • Oct 4 Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland (1658-59), born in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England (d. 1712)
  • Oct 17 Simon van Leeuwen, lawyer/historian (Roman-Holland regt)
  • Dec 8 Christina, Queen of Sweden who abdicated after becoming Catholic (1644-54), born in Tre Kronor Castle, Stockholm (d. 1689)
  • Dec 20 Veit Ludwig von Seckendorff, German statesman, born in Herzogenaurach, Germany (d. 1692)

Deaths in History

  • Jan 1 Cornelis Pieterse Hoft, Amsterdam merchant & regent, dies at 68
  • Jan 24 Samuel Argall, English adventurer and naval officer, dies at 45
  • Feb 7 William V, Duke of Bavaria (b. 1548)
  • Feb 11 Pietro Cataldi, Italian mathematician, dies at 77
  • Feb 28 Cyril Tourneur, English poet/dramatist, dies at about 51

Person of interestFrancis Bacon

Apr 9 Francis Bacon, English statesman and philosopher, dies from pneumonia at 65

Statesman/Philosopher Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon
  • Apr 11 Marin Getaldić, Croatian mathematician (b. 1568)
  • May 4 Arthur Lake, English Bishop of Bath and Wells, and translator of the King James Bible, dies at 56
  • Jun 7 Anne of Saint Bartholomew, Flemish Roman Catholic nun, dies at 76
  • Jun 16 Christian the Younger, German Protestant military leader, dies at 26
  • Jul 5 Stephan Fadinger, Austrian boer leader, dies in battle
  • Jul 13 Robert Sidney, 1st Earl of Leicester, English statesman, dies at 62
  • Sep 21 François de Bonne, duc de Lesdiguières, Constable of France (b. 1543)
  • Sep 26 Lancelot Andrewes, English theologist/bishop of Winchester, dies at 71
  • Sep 26 Wakisaka Yasuharu, Japanese warrior (b. 1554)
  • Sep 30 Nurhaci, Manchurian chief (b. 1559)
  • Oct 2 Diego Sarmiento de Acuña, 1st Count of Gondomar, Spanish diplomat, dies at 58
  • Oct 30 Willebrord Snellius (also Snell and Snel van Royen), Dutch astronomer/mathematician, dies at about 46
  • Nov 29 Ernst, Graf von Mansfield, German soldier (c. 1580)
  • Dec 8 John Davies, English poet (b. 1569)
  • Dec 10 Edmund Gunter, English mathematician (b. 1581)
  • Dec 15 Adriaen de Vries, Dutch sculptor/painter, dies at about 70