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1630 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 13 Letters Patent issued to Plymouth Colony

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 13 Chinese Emperor Chongzhen orders the arrest of military general Yuan Chonghuan

Chinese Emperor Chongzhen
Chinese Emperor
  • Feb 14 Dutch fleet of 69 ships reaches Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Mar 22 1st colonial legislation prohibiting gambling enacted (Boston)
  • Mar 23 French troops occupy Pinerolo Piedmont
  • May 17 Italian Jesuit Niccolo Zucchi, 1st to see 2 belts on Jupiter surface

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 29 John Winthrop begins "History of New England"

Founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony John Winthrop
Founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Winthrop
  • Jun 25 Fork introduced to American dining by Governor Winthrop
  • Jun 26 Swedish troops under Gustaf II Adolf lands at Peenemunde

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 3 Emperor Ferdinand II opens German Parliament

Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II
Holy Roman Emperor
Ferdinand II
  • Jul 6 Swedish troops under Gustaf II Adolf land at Peenemunde
  • Jul 12 New Amsterdam's governor buys Gull Island from Indians for cargo, renames it Oyster Island, later known as Ellis Island
  • Jul 18 Spanish troops occupy Mantua
  • Aug 13 Ferdinand II dismisses supreme commander Albrecht von Wallenstein
  • Sep 7 The city of Boston, Massachusetts is founded.
  • Sep 16 Massachusetts village of Shawmut changes its name to Boston
  • Oct 19 In Boston the 1st general court is held
  • Nov 5 Spain & England sign peace treaty
  • Nov 10 Failed palace revolution in France against Richelieu
  • Nov 30 16,000 inhabitants of Venice died this month of plague

Birthdays in History

  • Jan 11 John Rogers, American President of Harvard in the US (d. 1684)
  • Feb 19 Shivaji Bhonsle [Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj], Indian warrior and founder of the Maratha Empire (disputed birth date; 1630-02-19 accepted by Indian government), born at Shivneri fort (d. 1680)
  • Mar 1 Ferdinand van Apshoven de Jongere, Flemish painter, baptized
  • Mar 24 José Saenz d'Aguirre, Spanish cardinal, born in Logro, Old Castile (d. 1699)
  • Apr 28 Charles Cotton, English poet and writer, born in Alstonefield, Staffordshire, England (d. 1687)

Person of interestCharles II

May 29 Charles II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland (1660-85), born in St James's Palace, London (d. 1685)

King of England Charles II
King of England
Charles II
  • Jun 10 Willem van Bemmel, Dutch painter and etcher, born in Utrecht, Netherlands (d. 1708)
  • Aug 1 Thomas Clifford, English statesman (1st Baron Clifford of Chudleigh), born in Ugbrooke, Devon, England (d. 1673)
  • Aug 27 Maria van Oosterwijck, Dutch flower painter, born in Nootdorp, Netherlands (d. 1693)
  • Sep 17 Ranuccio II Farnese, Duke of Parma, born in Parma (d. 1694)
  • Oct 14 Sophia of Hanover, Princess Palatine and Electress of Saxony, born in The Hague, Netherlands (d. 1714)
  • Nov 18 Eleonora Gonzaga, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire (1651-57), born in Mantua, Duchy of Mantua (d. 1686)
  • Nov 24 Etienne Baluze, French scholar (d. 1718)
  • Nov 27 Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria, born in Innsbruck, Austria (d. 1665)

Deaths in History

  • Jan 13 Yuan Chonghuan, Chinese military commander, executed at 46
  • Jan 26 Henry Briggs, English mathematician (b. 1556)
  • Feb 12 Fynes Moryson, English traveler and writer (b. 1566)
  • Apr 17 Christian I, ruler of Anhalt-Bernburg (battle of White Mt), dies
  • Apr 29 Agrippa d'Aubigné, French poet (b. 1552)
  • Jul 26 Charles Emanuel I, the Great, Duke of Savoy (Peace of Lyon), dies
  • Aug 1 Federico Cesi, Italian naturalist and founder of the first modern scientific society, the Accademia dei Lincei, dies at 45
  • Sep 11 John de White, calvinist/banker to Prague, commits suicide
  • Sep 17 Thomas Lake, English statesman (b. 1567)
  • Sep 18 Melchior Klesl, Austrian cardinal and statesman (b. 1552)
  • Sep 25 Ambrogio Spinola, Spanish marquis of Balbases, dies at about 61
  • Sep 30 John Billington, English-born murderer who sailed on the Mayflower, 1st American executed by Plymouth colony, hanged at about 40

Person of interestJohannes Kepler

Nov 15 Johannes Kepler, German astronomer (discovered laws of planetary motion), dies at 58

Astronomer Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler
  • Nov 18 Esaias van der Velde, Dutch painter, buried