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November 1630 in History

Events in History

  • Nov 5 Spain & England sign peace treaty
  • Nov 10 Failed palace revolution in France against Richelieu
  • Nov 30 16,000 inhabitants of Venice died this month of plague

Birthdays in History

  • Nov 18 Eleonora Gonzaga, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire (1651-57), born in Mantua, Duchy of Mantua (d. 1686)
  • Nov 24 Etienne Baluze, French scholar (d. 1718)
  • Nov 27 Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria, born in Innsbruck, Austria (d. 1665)

Deaths in History

Person of interestJohannes Kepler

Nov 15 Johannes Kepler, German astronomer (discovered laws of planetary motion), dies at 58

Astronomer Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler
  • Nov 18 Esaias van der Velde, Dutch painter, buried