Year 1708 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 8 Spanish armada headed by the San Jose and loaded with gold sunk after British squadron attacks off coast of Colombia (rediscovered 2015)
  • Feb 24 Prince Johan Willem Friso sworn in as viceroy of Groningen
  • Feb 28 Slave revolt in Newton, Long Island NY results in 11 deaths
  • Mar 11 Queen Anne withholds Royal Assent from the Scottish Militia Bill, the last time a British monarch vetoes legislation
  • Mar 23 Pretender to the English throne James III attempts to land at Firth of Forth, Scotland, but is turned away by the British Royal Navy
  • Mar 27 Pretender to the English throne James III flees to Dunkirk
  • Jul 4 Battle of Holowczyn: Swedish King Charles XII defeats superior Russian force in surprising vctory
  • Jul 11 Battle at Oudenaarde: Great Alliance beats France
  • Jul 28 Monarch Amengkurat II [Sunan Mas] of Mataram gives himself up to VOC
  • Aug 3 Battle at Trencsén: Austria beats Hungarian rebellion army
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Historical Marriages

  • Aug 1 Future Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI (32) marries Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (16) at the church of Santa María del Mar, Barcelona

Historical Figures Who Died in 1708

  • Apr 30 Simon de Vries, book seller/writer (Unequal), dies
  • May 6 François de Laval, French clergyman, 1st Roman Catholic bishop of Québec, and saint, dies at 85
  • May 11 Jules Hardouin Mansart, French architect, dies at 62
  • May 12 Adolf Friedrich II of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (b. 1658)
  • Jun 15 Romeyn de Hooghe, Dutch painter and goldsmith, buried at 62

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