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1713 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 30 England & Netherlands sign 2nd anti-French boundary treaty

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 1 The Kalabalik or Tumult in Bendery results from the Ottoman sultan's order that his unwelcome guest, King Charles XII of Sweden, be seized.

King of Sweden Charles XII
King of Sweden
Charles XII
  • Feb 10 Netherlands & Britain sign accord concerning anti-French Barrier [OS=Jan 31]
  • Feb 18 French invade under Jacques Cassard on Curacao
  • Feb 27 French troops bomb Willemstad, Curacao
  • Mar 27 Spain loses Menorca and Gibraltar to Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht
  • Apr 11 Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Prussia, Savoy, Portugal & France agree the Treaty of Utrecht; France cedes Maritime provinces in North America to Britain
  • Apr 12 Dutch State-Gen signs peace with France: Netherlands loses Orange Princedom

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 19 Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI issues the Pragmatic Sanction, decreeing that Habsburg possessions could be inherited by a daughter

Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI
Holy Roman Emperor
Charles VI
  • Jun 23 The French residents of Acadia are given one year to declare allegiance to Britain or leave Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Jul 27 Russia and Turkey sign peace treaty
  • Sep 8 Pope Clemens XI publishes decree "Unigenitus" against Jansenism

Birthdays in History

  • Mar 15 Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, French astronomer who mapped the stars of the Southern Hemisphere, born in Rumigny, France (d. 1762)
  • Mar 21 Francis Lewis, signer (Declaration of Independence)
  • Mar 29 John Ponsonby, Irish politician (d. 1789)
  • Apr 2 Onno Zwier van Haren, Frisian poet (Fatherland), born in St. Annaparochie, Netherlands (d. 1779)
  • Apr 10 John Whitehurst, English clockmaker and scientist, born in Congleton, Cheshire, England (d. 1788)
  • Apr 12 Guillaume Thomas François Raynal, French writer, born in Lapanouse, France (d. 1796)
  • Apr 21 Louis de Noailles, Marshal of France, born in Versailles, France (d. 1793)
  • May 3 Alexis Clairaut, French mathematician (Clairaut's theorem), born in Paris (d. 1765)
  • May 6 Charles Batteux, French philosopher, born in Alland'Huy-et-Sausseuil, Ardennes (d. 1780)
  • May 25 John Stuart, 3rd earl of Bute, Prime Minister of Great Britain (1760-63), born in Parliament Square, Edinburgh, Midlothian (d. 1792)
  • Jun 10 Princess Caroline Elizabeth of Great Britain, fourth child and third daughter of King George II of Great Britain and his wife Caroline of Ansbach, born in Herrenhausen Palace, Hanover (d. 1757)
  • Jun 11 Edward Capell, English critic, born in Troston Hall, Suffolk, England (d. 1781)
  • Jun 16 Meshech Weare, Governor of New Hampshire (d. 1786)
  • Jul 22 Jacques-Germain Soufflot, French architect (d. 1780)
  • Aug 1 Charles I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, born in Brunswick, Germany (d. 1780)
  • Aug 28 Louis-Auguste d'Affry, French general and ambassador to Netherland, born in Versailles, France (d. 1793)
  • Sep 14 Johann Kies, German astronomer and mathematician, born in Tübingen, Germany (d. 1781)
  • Sep 18 Jean Allamand, Swiss-Dutch natural philosopher, born in Lausanne, Switzerland (d. 1787)

Person of interestDenis Diderot

Oct 5 Denis Diderot, French enlightenment philosopher (Encyclopédie), born in Langres, Champagne (d. 1784)

Enlightenment Philosopher Denis Diderot
Enlightenment Philosopher
Denis Diderot
  • Oct 7 Granville Elliott, British military officer (d. 1759)
  • Oct 8 Yechezkel Landau, Polish rabbi and Talmudist, born in Opatów, Poland (d. 1793)
  • Oct 13 Allan Ramsay, Scottish painter, born in Edinburgh, Scotland (d. 1784)
  • Oct 23 Pieter Burman the Younger, Dutch philologist, born in Amsterdam, Netherlands (d. 1778)

Person of interestJunípero Serra

Nov 24 Junipero Serra, Spanish missionary priest who founded the 1st missions in California, born in Petra, Majorca (d. 1784)

Missionary Junípero Serra
Junípero Serra
  • Nov 24 Laurence Sterne, Irish novelist/satirist (Tristram Shandy)
  • Dec 4 Gasparo Gozzi, Italian critic and dramatist, born in Venice (d. 1786)

Deaths in History

  • Jan 5 Jean Chardin, French explorer (Middle East and India), dies at 69
  • Jan 11 Pierre Jurieu, French Protestant leader (b. 1637)
  • Jan 20 Pavao Vitezovic, Croatian historian, dies
  • Feb 11 Jahandar Shah, Mughal emperor of India (b. 1664)
  • Feb 15 Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, writer, dies
  • Feb 25 Frederick I, King of Prussia (1701-13), dies at 55
  • Mar 17 Juraj Jánošík, famous Slovak outlaw [b. 1688)
  • Apr 17 David Hollatz, Pomeranian dogmatician (b. 1648)
  • May 20 Thomas Sprat, English writer (b. 1635)
  • Jun 1 Johan Runius, Swedish poet (Dudaim), dies at 34
  • Jul 7 Henry Compton, Bishop of Oxford and privy councillor (b. 1632)
  • Sep 9 Giovanni A di Bartlommeo Viscardi, Swiss architect, dies
  • Sep 11 Johannes Voet, Dutch lawyer, dies at 65
  • Sep 11 John Foot, lawyer, dies at 65
  • Oct 20 Archibald Pitcairne, Scottish physician (b. 1652)
  • Nov 17 Abraham van Riebeeck, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (b. 1653)
  • Nov 20 Thomas Tompion, English clock maker (cylinder tunnel), dies at 74
  • Dec 14 Thomas Rymer, English historian, dies at 72