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1720 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 6 The Committee of Inquiry on the South Sea Bubble publishes its findings
  • Jan 21 Sweden and Prussia sign a peace treaty ending hostilities between them during the Great Northern War

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 10 Edmond Halley appointed as the second Astronomer Royal at the Greenwich Observatory

Astronomer, Mathematician and Physicist Edmond Halley
Astronomer, Mathematician and Physicist
Edmond Halley
  • Feb 11 Sweden & Prussia sign peace (2nd Treaty of Stockholm)
  • Feb 29 Queen Ulrica Eleonora of Sweden resigns
  • May 25 The Ship "Le Grand St Antoine" reaches Marseille, bringing Europe's last major plague outbreak. Kills around 100,000
  • Jun 9 Sweden and Denmark signs 3rd Treaty of Stockholm
  • Jun 10 Mrs Clements of England markets first paste-style mustard
  • Jul 3 Sweden and Denmark sign peace treaty
  • Jul 27 The second important victory of the Russian Navy - the Battle of Grengam
  • Aug 1 South Sea bubble reaches a frenzy in London as the stock price of the South Sea Company peaks at £1,000, collapses soon after and falls to £124 by December
  • Sep 12 Isaak of Hoornbeek elected Dutch pension advisor
  • Oct 10 French government proclaims strike on banknotes
  • Oct 17 Pierre de Marivaux' "Arlequin Poli Par l'Amour" premieres in Paris
  • Nov 9 Rabbi Yehuda Hasid synagogue set afire

<b>Pirate</b> AttackPirate Attack

Nov 15 Pirates Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and John Rackham are captured by Capt. Jonathan Barnet and brought to Spanish Town, Jamaica, for trial

Pirate Anne Bonny
Anne Bonny
Pirate Calico Jack
Calico Jack
Pirate Mary Read
Mary Read

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 28 Anne Bonny and Mary Read are tried, found guilty of pirating, and sentenced to death in Spanish Town, Jamaica, although their discovered pregnancies win them stays of execution

Pirate Mary Read
Mary Read
Pirate Anne Bonny
Anne Bonny

Birthdays in History

  • Jan 11 Gijsbert John van Hardenbroeck, Utrechts regent
  • Jan 13 Richard Hurd, English bishop and writer (d. 1808)
  • Jan 30 Charles De Geer, Swedish industrialist & entomologist, born in Finspång, Sweden (d. 1778)
  • Feb 8 Emperor Sakuramachi of Japan (d. 1750)
  • Feb 26 Gian Francesco Albani, Italian Catholic cardinal (d. 1803)
  • Mar 9 Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke, English politician (d. 1790)
  • Mar 13 Charles Bonnet, Swiss naturalist and writer, born in Geneva (d. 1793)
  • Mar 22 Nicolas-Henri Jardin, French architect who introduced Neoclassical architecture to Denmark, (d. 1799)
  • Apr 3 Elia van Vilnius [Elijahu ben Salomo Zalman], Latvian rabbi, born in Sialiec, Polish-Lithuanian (d. 1797)
  • Apr 23 Vilna Gaon, Lithuanian rabbi, born in Sialiec, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (d. 1797)
  • May 8 William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire, 5th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1756-57), born in Hardwicke, England (d. 1764)
  • May 11 Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, German adventurer (d. 1797)
  • May 15 Maximilian Hell, Slovakian astronomer (d. 1792)
  • Jul 18 Gilbert White, English naturalist (Natural History and Antiquities of Selborn), born in Selborne, Hampshire (d. 1793)
  • Jul 24 Louise Ulrike, queen of Sweden and wife of Adolf Frederik, born in Berlin, Germany (d. 1782)
  • Aug 8 Carl Fredrik Pechlin, Swedish politician (d. 1796)
  • Aug 17 Charles-Dominique-Joseph Eisen, French engraver and painter (Contes de La Fontaine), born in Valenciennes, France (d. 1778)
  • Aug 18 Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers, English murderer (d. 1760)
  • Aug 30 Samuel Whitbread, English brewer and Member of Parliament, born in Cardington, Bedfordshire (d. 1796)
  • Sep 12 Frederick Philipse III, American land owner (Bronx, Westchester & Putnam), born in NYC, New York (d. 1785)
  • Oct 3 Johann Peter Uz, German poet (Lyrische Poem), born in Ansbach, Germany (d. 1796)
  • Oct 4 Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Italian etcher, born in Mogliano Veneto, Italy (d. 1778)
  • Oct 8 Jonathan Mayhew, American Congregational minister, born in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (d. 1766)
  • Oct 19 John Woolman, American Quaker preacher and abolitionist, born in Province of New Jersey (d. 1772)
  • Nov 1 Toussaint-Guillaume Picquet de la Motte, French admiral, born in Rennes, France (d. 1791)
  • Dec 13 Carlo Gozzi, Italian dramatist, born in Venice (d. 1804)
  • Dec 14 Justus Möser, German statesman and writer, born in Osnabrück, Germany (d. 1794)

Person of interestBonnie Prince Charlie

Dec 31 Bonnie Prince Charlie [Charles Edward Stuart], English pretender to throne (Jacobite rebellion), born in Palazzo Muti, Rome, Papal States (d. 1788)

Pretender to the British throne Bonnie Prince Charlie
Pretender to the British throne
Bonnie Prince Charlie

Deaths in History

  • Jan 31 Thomas Grey, 2nd Earl of Stamford, English privy councillor (c. 1654)
  • Feb 27 Samuel Parris, English-born Puritan minister (b. 1653)
  • Mar 6 Pieter van Flowers, Flemish painter, buried at 63
  • Apr 2 Joseph Dudley, colonial Governor of Massachusetts (b. 1647)
  • Apr 21 Antoine Hamilton, French writer (b. 1646)
  • Jun 27 Guillaume Amfrye de Chaulieu, French poet (b. 1639)
  • Aug 3 Anthonie Heinsius, Dutch statesman (b. 1641)
  • Aug 9 Simon Ockley, English orientalist (b. 1678)
  • Aug 17 Anne Lefèvre Dacier, French scholar and translator of classical works (b. 1654)
  • Sep 3 Henri de Massue, Marquis de Ruvigny, 1st Viscount Galway, French soldier and diplomat, dies at 72
  • Oct 10 Antoine Coysevox, French sculptor (b. 1640)
  • Nov 12 Peter Tordenskjold, Norwegian naval hero, dies at 30

BattleCalico Jack

Nov 17 Calico Jack [John Rackham], English pirate captain who operated in the Bahamas and Cuba, executed for piracy by hanging in Port Royal at 37

Pirate Calico Jack
Calico Jack
  • Nov 27 Willem van Outhoorn, Dutch governor-general (Dutch East Indies), dies at 85