On This Day

September 1729 in History

Events in History

  • Sep 16 Willem KH Friso installed as viceroy of Groningen

Birthdays in History

  • Sep 6 Moses Mendelssohn, German Jewish enlightenment philosopher (Haksalah), born in Dessau, Principality of Anhalt (d. 1786)
  • Sep 25 Christian G. Heyne, German archaeologist, born in Chemnitz, Germany (d. 1812)
  • Sep 27 Michael Denis, Austrian poet, bibliographer and lepidopterist, born in Schärding, Austria (d. 1800)

Deaths in History

  • Sep 3 Jean Hardouin, French scholar (b. 1646)
  • Sep 7 William Burnet, British-born American statesman (b. 1688)