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1751 in History

Events in History

  • Feb 16 1st publication of Thomas Gray's poem "Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard"
  • Feb 25 1st performing monkey exhibited in America, NYC (admission 1 cent)
  • Apr 5 Adolf Frederik of Holstein-Gottorp crowns himself king of Sweden

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 11 Pennsylvania Hospital founded by Dr. Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin, in Philadelphia

United States Founding Father Benjamin Franklin
United States Founding Father
Benjamin Franklin
  • Jul 31 Fire in Stockholm destroys 1,000 houses
  • Aug 24 Thomas Colley executed in England for drowning a supposed witch
  • Aug 31 British troops under Sir Robert Clive occupy Arcot, India
  • Sep 12 Amsterdam refuses establishment of Jewish ghetto
  • Sep 13 Britain signs Austrian & Russian alliance
  • Oct 20 Royal ship Duc de Bourgogne launched at Rochefort
  • Dec 14 The first military academy in the world, the Theresian Military Academy, is founded in Austria
  • Dec 23 France sets plan to tax clergymen

Birthdays in History

  • Jan 12 Ferdinand I, king of Sicily & Naples. (d. 1825)
  • Jan 12 Jacob M R Lenz, writer (Das Leidende Weib)
  • Feb 19 Cornelis de Gijselaar, Dutch politician and patriot
  • Feb 20 Johann Heinrich Voß, German poet (d. 1826)

Person of interestJames Madison

Mar 16 James Madison, 4th US President (1809-17), born in Port Conway, Virginia (d. 1836)

4th US President James Madison
4th US President
James Madison
  • May 24 Charles Emanuel IV, King of Sardinia (1796-1802), born in Turin (d. 1819)
  • Jun 4 John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon, British barrister and politician, born in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland (d. 1838)
  • Jul 11 Caroline Matilda of Great Britain, Queen consort of Denmark and Norway, born in Leicester House, London, England (d. 1775)
  • Aug 7 Wilhelmina of Prussia, Princess of Orange (1767-1806), born in Berlin (d. 1820)
  • Aug 23 Louis-Francois Beffara, French lexicographer, born in Nonancourt, France (d. 1838)
  • Sep 13 Henry Kobell, Dutch painter and cartoonist, born in Rotterdam, Netherlands (d. 1779)
  • Oct 16 Frederika Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt, Queen of Prussia (d. 1805)
  • Oct 20 Hendrik van Stralen, Dutch politician
  • Oct 30 Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Irish playwright (The Rivals, The School for Scandal) and Whig MP, born in Dublin, Ireland (d. 1816)
  • Dec 7 Jurriaan François de Friderici, governor-general of Suriname, born in Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa (d. 1812)
  • Dec 9 Maria Luisa of Parma, Queen of Charles IV of Spain, born in Parma (d. 1819)
  • Dec 10 George Shaw, English botanist and zoologist, born in Bierton, Buckinghamshire (d. 1813)
  • Dec 26 Clement Hofbauer, Austrian missionary and saint (d. 1820)

Deaths in History

  • Jan 20 John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol, English politician, dies at 85
  • Jan 25 Paul Dudley, Attorney-General of Massachusetts, dies at 75
  • Feb 9 Henri François d'Aguesseau, Chancellor of France (1717-50), dies at 82
  • Mar 20 Frederick Louis, English prince of Wales and son of George II, dies at 44
  • Mar 21 Johann Heinrich Zedler, German publisher (b. 1706)
  • Mar 25 Frederick of Hessen Kassel, King of Sweden (1720-51), dies at 74
  • Mar 29 Thomas Coram, English sea captain and philanthropist (Founder of the Foundling Hospital), dies at 83
  • Apr 19 Peter Lacy, Irish-born Russian Field marshal (b. 1678)
  • May 24 William Hamilton, of Gilbertsfield, poet, dies
  • Jun 20 Adriaen Valckenier, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (1737-41), dies at 56
  • Jul 15 John Wilson, botanist, dies
  • Aug 30 Christopher Polhem, Swedish scientist and inventor (b. 1661)
  • Oct 22 Willem IV KH Friso, prince of Orange-Nassau, dies at 40
  • Oct 26 Philip Doddridge, English Nonconformist clergyman, dies at 49
  • Dec 12 Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke, English statesman and philosopher, dies at 73
  • Dec 16 Leopold II of Anhalt-Dessau, Prussian general (b. 1700)
  • Dec 17 Kilian I von Dientzenhofer, Czech master builder, dies at 62
  • Dec 18 Kilian I von Dientzenhofer, builder (Nepomukkerk, Prague), dies at 62
  • Dec 19 Louise of Great Britain, wife of Frederick V of Denmark (b. 1724)