March 1770 in History

Events in History

Event of Interest

Mar 5 Boston Massacre (Incident on King Street): British soldiers kill 5 men in a crowd throwing snowballs, stones and sticks at them. African American Crispus Attucks 1st to die; later held up as early black martyr. Massacre galvanizes anti-British feelings.

Appointment of Interest

Mar 31 Immanuel Kant is appointed Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at the University of Königsberg

Birthdays in History

  • Mar 2 Louis-Gabriel Suchet, French nobleman (Duke of Albufera), and military commander (Marshal of the Empire), born in Lyon, France (d. 1826)
  • Mar 13 Daniel Lambert, English gaol keep and famous for his unusually large size (weighed 739 lbs (334 kg) at death), born in Blue Boar Lane, Leicester (d. 1809)
  • Mar 20 Friedrich H√∂lderlin, German writer (d. 1843)
  • Mar 28 Sophie Mereau, German writer, born in Altenburg, Germany (d. 1806)

Deaths in History

Crispus AttucksCrispus Attucks (c. 1723-1770)

Mar 5 possible slave, is 1st of 5 killed during Boston Massacre at beginning of the American Revolution

  • Mar 27 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian Venetian Rococo painter (Banquet of Cleopatra), dies at 73