July 1778 in History

Events in History

  • Jul 3 British forces massacre 360 men, women and children in Wyoming, Pennsylvania
  • Jul 3 Prussia declares war on Austria
  • Jul 8 George Washington headquarters at West Point for his Continental Army

Birthdays in History

  • Jul 11 Juan Lovera, Venezuelan artist, born in Caracas, Venezuela (d. 1841)
  • Jul 28 Charles Stewart, Rear Admiral (Union Navy), (d. 1869)

Deaths in History

  • Jul 2 Bathsheba Spooner, American first woman executed after US Independence for arranging husband's murder, hanged while pregnant at 32
  • Jul 2 Jean-Jacques Rousseau, French philosopher, political theorist, and writer (Confessions) whose works inspired French Revolution leaders and Romantic academics, dies of cerebral bleeding from a stroke at 66
  • Jul 3 Anna Maria Pertl Mozart, mother of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (b. 1720)