Year 1800 in History

Events in History

  • Mar 20 Alessandro Volta reports his discovery of the electric battery in a letter to Joseph Banks, president of the Royal Society of London
  • Jul 8 Dr Benjamin Waterhouse gives 1st cowpox vaccination in the US to his son to prevent smallpox

Historical Marriages

  • Jan 20 Napoleon I's sister Carolina marries French military leader Joachim Murat, future King of Naples
  • Jul 8 Prime Minister of UK George Canning (30) weds heiress Joan Scott
  • Aug 19 Social reformer Elizabeth Fry née Gurney (20) weds tea dealer Joseph Fry (23) at the Norwich Quaker Meeting House in Norwich, England

Historical Figures Who Died in 1800

  • Jan 1 Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton, French zoologist, dies at 83
  • Jan 9 Jean Étienne Championnet, French general (b. 1762)
  • Jan 23 Edward Rutledge, American founding father, Governor of South Carolina (1798-1800) and signer of the Declaration of Independence, dies at 50
  • Feb 23 Joseph Warton, English literary critic (b. 1722)
  • Mar 21 William Blount, American statesman and signer of the United States Constitution, dies at 50

More Deaths in History