June 1801 in History

Events in History

  • Jun 6 Peace of Badajoz: Spain-Portugal
  • Jun 10 Tripoli declares war on US for refusing tribute

Birthdays in History

  • Jun 4 James Pennethorne, English architect and planner, born in Worcester, Pennethorne (d. 1871)
  • Jun 14 Heber C. Kimball, American religious leader (Church of the Latter Day Saints), born in Sheldon, Vermont (d. 1868)
  • Jun 15 Benjamin Raymond, Mayor of Chicago (d. 1883)
  • Jun 16 Julius Pl├╝cker, German mathematician and physicist (d. 1868)
  • Jun 23 Daniel Smith Donelson, Major General (Confederate Army), (d. 1863)

Deaths in History

  • Jun 4 Frederick Muhlenberg, American statesman (b. 1750)

Benedict Arnold

Jun 14 Benedict Arnold, American general and turncoat (American Revolutionary War), dies of delirium in London at 60