July 1818 in History

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Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 11 English poet John Keats writes "In the Cottage Where Burns is Born", "Lines Written in the Highlands", and "Gadfly"

Romantic Poet John Keats
Romantic Poet
John Keats

Birthdays in History

  • Jul 1 Ignaz Semmelweis, gynecologist
  • Jul 6 Adolf Anderssen, Prussia, world chess champion (1851-66)
  • Jul 10 John Stuart "Cerro Gordo" Williams, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
  • Jul 14 Nathaniel Lyon, American Brigadier General (Union Army), 1st Union General to die in battle, born in Ashford, Connecticut (d. 1861)
  • Jul 18 Louis De Geer, 1st Swedish Prime Minister (d. 1896)

Person of interestEmily Brontë

Jul 30 Emily Brontë, English novelist (Wuthering Heights), born in Thornton, West Yorkshire (d. 1848)

  • Jul 30 John Heemskerk Azn, Dutch minister of Internal minister (1866..88)
  • Jul 31 Heinrich Kiepert, German cartographer/geographer

Deaths in History

  • Jul 28 Gaspard Monge, French mathematician (b. 1746)