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1825 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 3 Scottish factory owner Robert Owen buys 30,000 acres in Indiana as site for New Harmony utopian community
  • Jan 19 Ezra Daggett and nephew Thomas Kensett patent food storage in tin cans
  • Jan 25 1st US engineering college opens, Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, NY

USATrail of Tears

Jan 27 US Congress approves Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma), clearing the way for the forced relocation of the Eastern Indian tribes via the "Trail of Tears"

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The Trail of Tears, painting by Robert Lindneux, 1942
The Trail of Tears, painting by Robert Lindneux, 1942
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  • Feb 3 Dutch North Sea coast floods
  • Feb 5 Hannah Lord Montague of NY creates 1st detachable shirt collar

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

Feb 9 House of Representatives elects John Quincy Adams 6th US president

6th US President John Quincy Adams
6th US President
John Quincy Adams
  • Feb 12 Creek Indian treaty signed. Tribal chiefs agree to turn over all their land in Georgia to the government & migrate west by Sept 1, 1826
  • Feb 19 Franz Grillparzer's "Konig Ottokars Gluck" premieres in Vienna
  • Feb 22 Russia & Britain establish Alaska-Canada boundary
  • Mar 4 John Quincy Adams inaugurated as the 6th US President
  • Apr 10 1st hotel in Hawaii opens
  • Apr 10 Nicaraguan constituent assembly meets at Leon
  • Apr 19 33 patriotic exiles return to Uruguay

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 20 Charles X becomes King of France

King of France Charles X
King of France
Charles X
  • May 25 American Unitarian Association founded

  • Jun 4 Unseasonable hurricane hits NYC
  • Jun 11 The first cornerstone is laid for Fort Hamilton in New York City
  • Jun 20 Coronation of Charles X, the last Bourbon King of France
  • Jun 22 British Parliament abolishes feudalism and the seigneurial system in British North America
  • Jul 21 Java princess Dipo Negoro/Mangkubumi declare war on all non-islamics
  • Jul 30 Malden Island is discovered in the central Pacific by British warship HMS Blonde
  • Aug 6 Bolivia gains independence from Peru (National Day)
  • Aug 14 Dutch King Willem I throws foreign students out
  • Aug 25 Uruguay declares independence from Brazil (National Day)
  • Aug 29 Portugal recognizes the Independence of Brazil

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 27 George Stephenson's "Locomotion No. 1" becomes the 1st steam locomotive to carry passengers on a public rail line, the Stockton and Darlington Railway in England

Engineer Known as the Father of Railways George Stephenson
Engineer Known as the Father of Railways
George Stephenson
  • Oct 7 Miramichi Fire - forest fire disaster in New Brunswick
  • Oct 26 Erie Canal between Hudson River & Lake Erie opens
  • Nov 26 1st college fraternity founded (Kappa Alpha (Union College, NY))

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Dec 6 US President John Adams suggests establishment of a national observatory

2nd US President John Adams
2nd US President
John Adams
  • Dec 26 Decembrist uprising in Russia against Tsar Nicholas I begins [O.S. 14 December]

Birthdays in History

  • Jan 10 Alexander Travis Hawthorn, American Brigadier-General (Confederate Army), born in Conecuh County, Alabama (d. 1899)
  • Jan 11 Bayard Taylor, U.S. poet and writer (d. 1878
  • Jan 12 Joseph Robert Davis, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1896)
  • Jan 18 Edward Frankland, Lancaster, U.K, British structural chemist who co-discovered helium and developed the theory of valence
  • Jan 21 Imre Madách, Hungarian writer (d. 1864)
  • Jan 28 George Edward Pickett, Major General (Confederate Army), (d. 1875)
  • Feb 15 Carter Harrison, Sr., American politician (d. 1893)
  • Feb 22 Jean Baptiste Salpointe, second Archbishop of Santa Fe, born in Saint-Maurice de Pionsat, France (d. 1898)
  • Feb 28 Quincy Adams Gillmore, American civil engineer, author, and Major General (Union Army), born in Lorain County, Ohio (d. 1888)
  • Mar 5 John Dunovant, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1864)
  • Mar 5 Joseph Albert, German photographer (albertotype)
  • Mar 9 Alexander F. Mozhaiski, Russian aviation pioneer, born in Rochensalm, Russian Empire (d. 1890)
  • Mar 17 Rodolphe Bresdin, French cartoonist/lithographer (Le Bon Samaritain)
  • Mar 20 William Nelson Rector Beall, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
  • Mar 23 Edward Lloyd Thomas, Brigadier General (Confederate Army) (d. 1898)
  • Mar 30 Samuel Bell Maxey, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1895)
  • Apr 5 David Rumph Jones, American Major General (Confederate Army), born in Orangeburg, South Carolina (d. 1863)
  • Apr 11 Ferdinand Lassalle, French socialist and political activist (Allgemeiner), born in Breslau, Prussia (d. 1864)
  • Apr 13 Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Irish-Canadian journalist and Father of Confederation, born in Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland (d. 1868)
  • Apr 25 Charles Dowd, American principal who was the 1st to propose standardized time zones (for America's railways), born in Madison, Connecticut (d. 1904)
  • Apr 28 James Winning McMillan, American Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Clark County, Kentucky (d. 1903)
  • May 1 George Inness, American landscape painter (Delaware Water Gap), born in Newburgh, New York (d. 1894)
  • May 4 Thomas Henry Huxley, English biologist (comparative anatomy), born in Ealing, Middlesex, England (d. 1895)
  • May 4 Augustus Le Plongeon, French-American photographer and antiquitarian, born in Island of Jersey, France (d. 1908)
  • May 6 Joseph Bailey, American civil engineer and Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Morgan County, Ohio (d. 1867)
  • May 8 George Bruce Malleson, English officer in India and author, born in Wimbledon, London (d. 1898)
  • May 20 Antoinette Brown Blackwell, clergy (1st ordained US female minister)
  • May 21 George Lafayette Beal, American politician and Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Norway, Maine (d. 1896)
  • May 29 David Bell Birney, American businessman, lawyer, and Major General (Union Army), born in Huntsville, Alabama (d. 1864)
  • Jun 1 John Hunt Morgan, Brigadier General (Confederate cavalry commander)
  • Jun 5 Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry, American politician (Rep-Ala, 1857-61), born in Lincoln County, Georgia (d. 1903)
  • Jun 7 R. D. Blackmore, English novelist (Norie, Lorna Doone), born in Longworth, Berkshire, England (d. 1900)
  • Jun 10 Sondre Norheim, Norwegian skier and pioneer of modern skiing, born in Øverbø, Norway (d. 1897)
  • Jun 10 Princess Hildegard of Bavaria, seventh child and fourth daughter of Ludwig I of Bavaria and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, born in Würzburg, Bavaria (d. 1864)
  • Jun 12 John Cook, American bugler (Union Army), born in Cincinnati, Ohio (d. 1910)
  • Jun 13 Benjamin J. Hill, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in McMinnville, Tennessee (d. 1880)
  • Jun 21 William Stubbs, English historian and Anglican bishop of Oxford, born in High Street, Knaresborough, England (d. 1901)
  • Jun 24 Grand Duchess Alexandra Nikolaevna of Russia, youngest daughter and fourth child of Tsar Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia, and his wife, Princess Charlotte of Prussia, born in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire (d. 1844)
  • Jun 28 Emil Erlenmeyer, German chemist (Erlenmeyer flask), born in Wehen, Duchy of Nassau (d. 1909)
  • Jul 9 Jules Oppert, French-German Assyriologist (decodes characters), born in Hamburg, Germany (d. 1905)
  • Jul 11 Edward Henry Hobson, American merchant, banker, politician, and Brigadier General (Union Army), born in Greensburg, Kentucky (d. 1901)
  • Jul 28 William Duncan Smith, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in Augusta, Georgia (d. 1862)
  • Jul 30 Chaim Aronson, Lithuanian inventor and academic, born in Seredžius, Lithuania (d. 1893)
  • Jul 31 Thomas Hart Taylor, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1901)
  • Jul 31 William S. Clark, American senator and scholar (d. 1886)
  • Aug 9 Elisha P. Ferry, American politician (Governor of Washington, 1872-80, 1889-93), born in Monroe County, Michigan Territory (d. 1895)
  • Aug 25 Henry Warner Birge, American Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Hartford, Connecticut (d. 1888)
  • Aug 26 Jacobus J Backer, German sea historian
  • Sep 3 Armistead Lindsay Long, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in Campbell County, Virginia (d. 1891)
  • Sep 3 William Wallace Burns, American Brigadier General (Union Army), born in Coshocton, Ohio (d. 1892)
  • Sep 4 Dadabhai Naoroji, 1st Indian in British parliament, born in Mumbai, India (d. 1917)
  • Sep 17 Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, American politician and U.S. Supreme Court Justice, born in Eatonton, Georgia (d. 1893)
  • Sep 24 Frances Harper, African-American abolinist, suffragist and writer (Iola Leroy), born in Baltimore, Maryland (d. 1911)
  • Oct 1 Raleigh Edward Colston, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in Paris (d. 1896)

Person of interestPaul Kruger

Oct 10 Paul Kruger, 3rd President of South African Republic (1883-1900) and face of Boer resistance during the Second Boer War, born in Steynsburg, Cape Colony (d. 1904)

3rd President of the South African Republic Paul Kruger
3rd President of the South African Republic
Paul Kruger
  • Oct 11 Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, Swiss writer, born in Zürich (d. 1898)
  • Oct 11 Elkanah Brackin Greer, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in Paris, Tennessee (d. 1877)
  • Oct 15 Marie of Prussia, Queen consort of Bavaria (1848-64), born in Berlin City Palace, Prussia (d. 1889)
  • Oct 16 Thomas Turpin Crittenden, American Brigadier General (Union Army), born in Huntsville, Alabama (d. 1905)
  • Oct 31 Charles Lavigerie, French Catholic cardinal, born in Bayonne, France (d. 1892)
  • Nov 1 Joseph B. Palmer, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in Rutherford County, Tennessee (d. 1890)
  • Nov 5 Julius H [Szamvald] Stahel, Hungarian-American diplomat, mining engineer, and Major General (Union Army), born in Szeged, Hungary (d. 1912)
  • Nov 9 A. P. Hill, Confederate general, born in Culpeper, Virginia (d. 1865)
  • Nov 25 Edward Augustus Wild, American homeopathic doctor and Brigadier General (Union Army), born in Brookline, Massachusetts (d. 1891)
  • Nov 29 Jean-Martin Charcot, French neurologist, born in Paris, France (d. 1893)
  • Dec 2 Pedro II van Alcantara, Emperor of Brazil (1831-89), born in Palace of São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro, Empire of Brazil (d. 1891)
  • Dec 16 Henry Heth, Major General (Confederate Army), (d. 1899)
  • Dec 18 Charles Griffin, American Major General (Union Army), born in Granville, Ohio (d. 1867)
  • Dec 20 Romeyn Beck Ayres, American Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Manheim, New York (d. 1888)
  • Dec 31 Francis Trowbridge Sherman, American Brigadier General (Union Army), born in Newtown, Connecticut (d. 1905)

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

May 15 Author and scholar Wilhelm Grimm (39) weds Henriette Dorothea

  • May 21 Prince Willem FK marries Louise AWA of Prussia

Deaths in History

  • Jan 4 Ferdinand I, King of Sicily/Naples (Ferdinand IV), dies at 73

Person of interestEli Whitney

Jan 8 Eli Whitney, American inventor (Cotton Gin), dies of prostate cancer at 59

Inventor of the Cotton Gin Eli Whitney
Inventor of the Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney
  • Jan 14 George Dance the Younger, English architect (b. 1741)
  • Feb 6 William Eustis, 12th Governor of Massachusetts (1823-25), dies at 71
  • Feb 10 Paul van Hemert, Dutch theologist and philosopher (Kant), dies at 68
  • Feb 24 Thomas Bowdler, British physician and writer (Family Shakespeare), dies at 70
  • Mar 4 Raphaelle Peale, American painter (After the Rain, 1823), dies at 51
  • Mar 25 Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck, Dutch politician (Grand Pensionary of Batavia), dies at 63
  • Apr 6 Vladimir Borovikovsky [Vоlоdymyr Borovyk], Russian painter, died at 67
  • Apr 10 Paul-Louis Courier, (Mere), French writer/interpreter, dies at 53
  • Apr 16 Henry Fuseli, Swiss-born painter and art writer (Tracks in the Snow), dies at 84
  • Apr 21 Johann Friedrich Pfaff, German mathemattician (b. 1765)
  • May 19 Claude Henri de Rouvroy, Comte de Saint-Simon, French political philosopher (b. 1760)
  • May 20 Papaflessas, Greek priest and government official (b. 1788)
  • May 23 Ras Gugsa of Yejju, Regent of the Emperor of Ethiopia
  • Jun 4 Ferdinand I, King of Sicily/Naples (Ferdinand IV), dies
  • Jun 5 Odysseas Androutsos, hero in the Greek War of Independence (Chani of Gravia,), executed for supposedly collaborating with the Ottomans at 37
  • Jun 9 Pauline Bonaparte, Corsican duchess of Parma and Guastalla, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, dies at 44
  • Jun 11 Daniel D. Tompkins, American politician, 6th US Vice President (1817-25), dies at 50
  • Jun 13 Johann Peter Melchior, German sculptor, dies at 82

Person of interestPierre Charles L'Enfant

Jun 14 Pierre Charles L'Enfant, French-born American architect who laid out Washington, D.C., dies at 70

Washington D.C. Architect Pierre Charles L'Enfant
Washington D.C. Architect
Pierre Charles L'Enfant
  • Jul 11 Thomas P. Grosvenor, American Revolutionary War soldier (b. 1744)
  • Aug 20 William Waldegrave, 1st Baron Radstock, Governor of Newfoundland, dies at 72
  • Sep 25 Joachim Heer, Swiss politician (b. 1879)
  • Sep 29 Daniel Shays, American officer in the American Revolution and leader of Shay's Rebellion, dies
  • Oct 13 Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria, dies at 69
  • Nov 14 Jean Paul, writer, dies at 62
  • Nov 22 Ann Bailey, pioneer, dies
  • Dec 1 Tsar Alexander I of Russia (b. 1777). Reigned from 1801
  • Dec 29 Jacques-Louis David, French Neoclassical painter (Death of Marat), dies at 77