October 1841 in History

Events in History

  • Oct 16 Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, is chartered

Birthdays in History

  • Oct 4 Maria Sophie of Bavaria, Queen consort of the Two Sicilies, born in Possenhofen Castle, Possenhofen, Kingdom of Bavaria (d. 1925)
  • Oct 4 Prudente José de Morais Barros, 3rd President of Brazil (1894-98), born in Itu, São Paulo, Empire of Brazil (d. 1912)
  • Oct 7 Nicholas I, last and only King of Montenegro (1910-18), born in Njeguši, Montenegro (d. 1921)

Itō HirobumiItō Hirobumi (1841-1909)

Oct 16 Japanese samurai, 1st Prime Minister of Japan (4 terms between 1885 and 1901) and Resident-General of Korea (1905-09), born in Tsukari, Suō, Japan

Deaths in History

George ChildressGeorge Childress (1804-1841)

Oct 6 American lawyer and statesman (author of Texas Declaration of Independence), commits suicide at 37

  • Oct 9 Karl Friedrich Schinkel, German architect, city planner and painter (Altes Museum, Neue Wache), dies at 60
  • Oct 28 Johan August Arfwedson, Swedish chemist (b. 1792)