February 1845 in History

Events in History

2,000-year-old Glass Treasure Shattered by a Drunk

Feb 7 The Portland Vase, thought to date to the 1st century BC is shattered into more than 80 pieces by a drunken visitor to the British Museum

  • Feb 15 William Parsons, Earl of Rosse, 1st uses 72 inch (183 cm) reflector

Birthdays in History

  • Feb 3 Ernest von Wildenbruch, German playwright (Sedan)
  • Feb 15 Elihu Root, American statesman (R)/US Secretary of State (1905-09)/Nobel Peace Prize (1912), born in Clinton, New York (d. 1937)

Alexander III

Feb 26 Alexander III, Russian Tsar (1881-94), born in the Winter Palace, St Petersburg, Russian Empire (d. 1894) [Mar 3, New Style]

Deaths in History

  • Feb 13 Henrik Steffens, Norwegian-German philosopher, dies at 71
  • Feb 14 Joseph Lakanal, French Politician and Educator, dies at 82