September 1845 in History

Events in History

  • Sep 10 King Willem II opens Amsterdam Stock exchange

Scientific Discovery

Sep 13 English chemist Michael Faraday discovers the 'Faraday effect', the influence of a magnetic field on polarized light

  • Sep 23 Hunger strike in Hague

Birthdays in History

  • Sep 1 Paul S Methuen, English fieldmarshal/governor of Natal/Malta

Weddings in History

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Sep 25 Confederate army Nathan Bedford Forrest (24) weds Presbyterian minister's daughter Mary Ann Montgomery (18) in Hernando, Mississippi

Deaths in History

  • Sep 4 Pierre-Paul Royer-Collard, French statesman and philosopher, dies at 82
  • Sep 10 Joseph Story, American lawyer and 19th Supreme Court justice (1812-45), dies at 65
  • Sep 16 Johannes Kinker, Dutch linguist, philosopher and poet (Minderjarige Zangster), dies at 81