July 1853 in History

Events in History

Conference of Interest

Jul 6 National Black convention meets in Rochester NY, ex-slave Frederick Douglass attends

  • Jul 6 William Wells Brown publishes "Clotel", 1st novel by an African American

Historic Event

Jul 8 Commodore Matthew C. Perry sails his frigate Susquehanna into Tokyo Bay, opening Japan to Western influence and trade

  • Jul 9 Commodore Matthew Perry and four US Navy vessels visit Japan to force them to open up to American trade and end their policy of isolation
  • Jul 14 Commodore Perry requests trade relations with Japan
  • Jul 14 New Zealand holds its first general election

Historic Event

Jul 14 US President Franklin Pierce opens the "Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations" (a World's Fair), at the Crystal Palace in New York City (now site of Bryant Park)

  • Jul 18 Completion of Grand Trunk Line, trains begin running over 1st North American railroad between Portland, Maine and Montreal

Historic Event

Jul 21 Central Park in New York created when New York State Legislature puts aside more than 750 acres of land on Manhattan Island

  • Jul 25 Joaquin Murrieta, the famous Californian bandit known as "Robin Hood of El Dorado", is killed by California Rangers

Historic Invention

Jul 31 First night time surgery performed at Lychakiv Hospital in Lemberg (now Liviv, Poland), using new paraffin oil lamps invented by Ignacy Łukasiewicz

Birthdays in History

Cecil RhodesCecil Rhodes (1853-1902)

Jul 5 British businessman, diamond merchant and imperialist politician who was Prime Minister of the Cape Colony (1890-96), born in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England

  • Jul 7 Albert Vandal, French earl/historian (Le Pacha Bonneval)
  • Jul 18 Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Dutch physicist (electromagnetic radiation, Nobel 1902), born in Arnherm, Netherlands (d. 1928)
  • Jul 20 Geo[rge] Poggenbeek, Dutch water colors painter
  • Jul 27 Vladimir Korolenko, Russian writer (The Blind Musician), born in Zhitomir, Volhynian Governorate, Russian Empire (d. 1921)

Deaths in History

  • Jul 23 Andries Pretorius, Boer leader (Pretoria named after him), dies at 54
  • Jul 25 Joaquin Murieta, Mexican born Californian outlaw