June 1858 in History

Events in History

  • Jun 2 Donati Comet 1st seen named after its discoverer

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 16 Abraham Lincoln says "A house divided against itself cannot stand" accepting Illinois Republican Party's nomination for the Senate

US President Abraham Lincoln
US President
Abraham Lincoln
  • Jun 21 Louisiana chess prodigy Paul Morphy arrives in Europe
  • Jun 29 Great fire in London docks
  • Jun 29 Treaty of Algun, China cedes north bank of Amur River to Russia

Birthdays in History

  • Jun 1 William W Campbell, Canadian poet (Beyond the Hills of Dream)
  • Jun 16 Gustav V, king of Sweden (1907-50)
  • Jun 17 Eben Sumner Draper, (Gov-MA)
  • Jun 18 Hans Schardt, Swiss geologist
  • Jun 19 Dirk Fock, governor-general of Neth Indies (1921-26)
  • Jun 20 Medardo Rosso, Italian sculptor (portraits)
  • Jun 20 Charles W. Chesnutt, American writer (d. 1932)
  • Jun 23 William Ernst Johnson, mathematician, born in Cambridge, England
  • Jun 25 Georges Courteline, [Moineaux], French playwright
  • Jun 29 George Washington Goethals, engineer (built Panama Canal)
  • Jun 30 Andre Antoine, French stage manager (Theatre Libre) [or 7/31]

Weddings in History

  • Jun 18 Norwegian modernist playwright "The Doll's House" Henrik Ibsen (30) marries Suzannah Thoresen (21) in Oslo

Deaths in History

  • Jun 11 Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, Austrian statesman (b. 1773)
  • Jun 12 Cornelis Smit, Dutch ship builder/ship owner, dies at 74
  • Jun 15 Ary Scheffer, painter/etcher/sculptor, dies at 63
  • Jun 16 John Snow, English epidemiologist (b. 1813)
  • Jun 17 Rani Lakshmibai, queen of Jhansi in North India, one of the leading figures of the Indian rebellion of 1857 (b. 1828)