July 1895 in History

Events in History

  • Jul 4 Katherine Lee Bates publishes "America the Beautiful"
  • Jul 8 Delagoa Bay Railway opens in South Africa

Birthdays in History

  • Jul 4 Massimo Campigli, Italian painter and illustrator, born in Berlin, Germany (d. 1971)
  • Jul 8 Anton van de Velde, Flemish writer and director (God & the Worms)
  • Jul 10 Maarten Pleun Vrij, Dutch lawyer and criminologist, born in Amsterdam, Netherlands (d. 1955)
  • Jul 10 Nahum Goldmann, Israeli-Zionist leader (Zionist World Organization), born in Wisznewo, Lithuania (d. 1982)
  • Jul 11 Dolly Wilde, English socialite (d. 1941)
  • Jul 12 R. Buckminster Fuller, American architect and inventor (geodesic dome), born in Milton, Massachusetts (d. 1983)
  • Jul 14 Frank Raymond Leavis, British literary critic (Culture & Environment)

George George "Machine Gun" Kelly (1895-1954)

Jul 18 American gangster during the Prohibition era, born in Memphis, Tennessee

  • Jul 19 Xu Beihong, Chinese painter, born in Yixing, China (d. 1953)
  • Jul 20 László Moholy-Nagy, Hungarian painter, photographer, and sculptor (d. 1946)
  • Jul 22 James Arthur Calata, African National Congress (ANC) leader and Anglican clergyman, born in Debe Nek, King Williamstown, South Africa (d. 1983)
  • Jul 24 Robert Graves, English writer and poet (I Claudius) [or 6/26], born in London, England (d. 1985)
  • Jul 26 Jane Bunford, Britain's tallest-ever person measuring 2.41 metres (7 ft 11 in) at the time of her death, born in Bartley Green, Northfield, Birmingham (d. 1922)

Weddings in History

Marie Curie

Jul 26 Physicist and chemist Maria Skłodowska (27) weds physicist Pierre Curie (36) in Sceaux, France

Deaths in History

  • Jul 8 Johann Josef Loschmidt, Austrian scientist (b. 1821)
  • Jul 19 Charles T. Stork, Dutch industrialist (cotton machine factory), dies at 73
  • Jul 19 Henri Ernest Baillon, French botanist (History of Plants), dies at 67
  • Jul 28 Edward Beecher, American theologian, dies at 91
  • Jul 28 Jan Kappeyne van de Coppello, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1877-79), dies at 72
  • Jul 31 Richard Morris Hunt, American architect and educator, dies at 67