Year 1902 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 15 Abdulaziz Ibn Saud leads 40 men over the walls of Riyadh and takes the city, marking the beginning of the Third Saudi State
  • Jan 30 Britain and Japan sign a treaty after months of negotiating which commits each country to supporting an independent China and Korea, although it acknowledges Japan's 'special interest' in Korea
  • Mar 4 American Automobile Association (AAA) founded in Chicago
  • Apr 20 Marie and Pierre Curie isolate the radioactive compound radium chloride
  • May 8 Mount PelĂ©e on the French overseas island of Martinique erupts, wiping out the city of Saint-Pierre, killing 30,000 and leaving only two survivors
  • May 31 Boer War Ends; Treaty of Unity signed, Britain annexes Transvaal
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