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January 1907 in History

Events in History

Historic Event

Jan 1 US President Theodore Roosevelt shakes a record 8,513 hands in 1 day

Theater Premiere

Jan 4 George Bernard Shaw's play "Don Juan in Hell" premieres in London

Historic Event

Jan 6 Maria Montessori opens her 1st (Montessori) school (Rome)

Theater Premiere

Jan 7 Clyde Fitch's play "The Truth" premieres in NYC

  • Jan 12 Britain grants responsible government to former colony of Transvaal
  • Jan 14 An earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica, kills more than 1,000
  • Jan 15 3-element vacuum tube patented by American inventor Lee De Forest
  • Jan 15 Gold dental inlays first described by William Taggart, who invented them
  • Jan 23 Charles Curtis of Kansas becomes 1st Native American US senator
  • Jan 25 Julia Ward Howe is first woman elected to National Institute of Arts & Letters (USA)
  • Jan 26 1st US federal corrupt election practices law passed
  • Jan 26 John Millington Synge's "Playboy of Western World" opens in Dublin; play claimed as immoral and causes riots
  • Jan 26 The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III rifle officially introduced into British Military Service, 2nd oldest military rifle still in official use
  • Jan 26 In Austria, universal and direct suffrage (limited to males over 24) is introduced, a reform long demanded by the socialists and others
  • Jan 29 Charles Curtis becomes U.S. Senator from Kansas, first Native American to become a Senator
  • Jan 30 Korean National Debt Redemption Movement started by Seo Sang-dong of Daegu, attempt by the Korean public to repay debt to Japan to avoid further colonization [1]

Birthdays in History

  • Jan 2 Edward Albert Radice, British economist, born in London, England (d. 1996)
  • Jan 5 Anton Ingolic, Slavic author (After Splavih, After Prelomu), born in Spodnja Polskava, Slovenia (d. 1992)
  • Jan 5 Willi Soukop, sculptor and member of Royal Academy of Arts, born in Vienna, Austria (d. 1995)
  • Jan 6 David Fleay, Australian naturalist, born in Ballarat, Victoria (d. 1993)
  • Jan 11 Pierre Mendès-France, French Premier (1954-55) (d. 1982)
  • Jan 11 Abraham Joshua Heschel, Jewish American rabbi and theologian (d. 1972), born in Warsaw, Poland
  • Jan 12 Sergei Korolev, Soviet Russian rocket engineer & spacecraft designer (Sputnik; Voskhod), born in Zhytomyr, Russian Empire (now Ukraine) (d. 1966)
  • Jan 13 Sabine Zlatin, Polish-born French nurse who tried save Izieu children from Nazis), born in Warsaw (d. 1996)
  • Jan 14 Derek Richter, British neuroscientist (learning & memory), born in bath, United Kingdom (d. 1995)
  • Jan 14 Sophie Redmond, Suriname's 1st female physician, born in Paramaribo, Suriname (d. 1955)
  • Jan 14 Georges-Émile Lapalme, Quebec politician, born in Montreal, Quebec (d. 1985)
  • Jan 16 Phillip Humphrey Vellacott, classicist
  • Jan 16 Paul Nitze, American government official (d. 2004)
  • Jan 20 Roy Welensky, Northern Rhodesian politician, born in Harare, Zimbabwe (d. 1991)
  • Jan 22 Douglas Corrigan, American pilot, born in Galveston, Texas (d. 1995)
  • Jan 23 Hideki Yukawa, Japanese physicist (Nobel 1949), born in Tokyo, Japan (d. 1981)
  • Jan 24 Alfonse Vranckx, Belgian lawyer/politician
  • Jan 24 Maurice Couve de Murville, France premier (1968-69)
  • Jan 26 Hans Selye, Austrian-Canadian endocrinologist, born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (d. 1982)

Deaths in History

  • Jan 8 Theodoor Verstraete, Flemish painter/etcher, dies at 57
  • Jan 9 Marie of Saxe-Altenburg, Queen of Hanover, dies at 88
  • Jan 14 Sir James Fergusson, British politician, and governor of South Australia, New Zealand and Bombay (b. 1832)
  • Jan 31 Timothy Eaton, Irish-born Canadian department store founder (Eatons), dies at 72