Year 1913 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 16 British House of Commons accepts Home Rule for Ireland (but the Great War gets in the way of it happening)
  • Apr 8 Opening of China's 1st parliament takes place in Peking (now Beijing)
  • May 30 Treaty of London signed by the Great Powers, the Ottoman Empire and the victorious Balkan League (Serbia, Greece, Kingdom of Bulgaria, and Montenegro) bringing an end to the First Balkan War
  • Jul 12 150,000 Ulstermen gather and resolve to resist Irish Home Rule by force of arms; since the British Liberals have promised the Irish nationalists Home Rule, civil war appears imminent
  • Nov 6 Mahatma Gandhi arrested for leading Indian miners' march in South Africa
  • Dec 1 Ford Motor Company institutes world's 1st moving assembly line for the Model T Ford
  • Dec 11 "Mona Lisa" recovered two years after it was stolen from the Louvre Museum
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