Year 1935 in History

Events in History

  • Apr 14 Black Sunday: Severe dust storm ravages the US Midwest, led to the region being named "the Dust Bowl"
  • May 31 7.7 magnitude earthquake destroys Quetta in Balochistan, British India (now Pakistan) killing an estimated 40,000 people
  • Jul 30 1st Penguin book is published, starting the paperback revolution
  • Oct 3 Italy invades Ethiopia, starting the Second Italo-Ethiopian War
  • Oct 20 Communist forces end their Long March at Yan'an, in Shaanxi, China, bringing Mao Zedong to prominence
  • Nov 22 Flying boat "China Clipper" takes off from Alameda, California, carrying 100,000 pieces of mail on 1st trans-Pacific airmail flight
  • Nov 29 Physicist Erwin Schrödinger publishes his famous thought experiment "Schrödinger's cat", a paradox that illustrates the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics
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Historical Marriages

  • Apr 10 Nazi politician Hermann Goering (42) weds Emmy Sonnemann (42) in Berlin
  • May 24 Swedish princess Ingrid marries Danish crown prince Frederik (IX)
  • Nov 6 English Prince Henry weds Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott

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