On This Day

November 1953 in History

Events in History

  • Nov 2 Pakistan becomes islamic republic
  • Nov 5 Nobel prize for physics awarded to Frederik Zernicke
  • Nov 5 Paul Searls saws a 32" log in 86.4 seconds

Historic Event

Nov 5 Terence Rattigan's "Sleeping Prince" premieres in London

  • Nov 6 French National Meeting grants Saarland more autonomy
  • Nov 8 Salazar's party wins all parliamentary seats in Portugal
  • Nov 9 Cambodia (aka Kampuchea) gains independence from France, within the French Union
  • Nov 10 Giants end their tour of Japan (players got $331 of $3,000 promised)

Historic Event

Nov 12 David Ben-Gurion, resigns as Prime Minister of Israel

  • Nov 17 The remaining human inhabitants of the Blasket Islands, Kerry, Ireland are evacuated to the mainland
  • Nov 17 United States joins the United Nations in condemning Israel's raid on Jordan on October 4, 1953
  • Nov 18 Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP) accept female suffrage

Historic Event

Nov 19 US VP Richard Nixon visits Hanoi

  • Nov 20 Scott Crossfield in Douglas Skyrocket, 1st to break Mach 2 (1,300 MPH)

Bare Bones of the Great Ape-Man Hoax

Nov 21 Authorities at the British Natural History Museum announce the "Piltdown Man" skull, one of the most famous fossil skulls in the world, is a hoax

  • Nov 25 Earthquake and tsnunami strike Honshu, Japan
  • Nov 26 Yamada Koun, leader of Sanbo Kyodan line of Zen, found 1st awakening
  • Nov 29 American Airlines begins 1st regular commercial NY-LA air service
  • Nov 30 French parachutist under Colonel De Castries attacks Dien Bien Phu
  • Nov 30 Edward Mutesa II, kabaka (king) of Buganda is deposed and exiled to London by Sir Andrew Cohen, Governor of Uganda

Birthdays in History

  • Nov 1 Jan Davis, American astronaut (STS 47, 60, 85), born in Cocoa Beach, Florida
  • Nov 4 Carlos Gutierrez, American politician (35th United States Secretary of Commerce 2005-09), born in Havana, Cuba
  • Nov 4 Marvel Williamson, American educator, born in Holton, Kansas
  • Nov 5 Florentino V. Floro, Filipino judge (suspended from the Philippine judiciary in 2006 due to mental illness), born in Manila, Philippines
  • Nov 5 Joyce Maynard, American journalist and novelist (Labor Day), born in Durham, New Hampshire
  • Nov 8 John Musker, American animation director (Moana), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Nov 11 Kostas Skandalidis, Greek politician, born in Kos, Greece
  • Nov 13 Andrés Manuel López Obrador [AMOL], Mexican politician, President of Mexico (2018-), born in Tepetitán, Mexico
  • Nov 13 Waswo_X._Waswo, American Photographer
  • Nov 14 Dominique de Villepin, Prime Minister of France
  • Nov 15 Yuri Viktorovich Prikhodko, Russian cosmonaut
  • Nov 18 Alan Moore, British comic book writer and novelist
  • Nov 21 Tina Brown, British journalist (New Yorker, Tattler), born in Maidenhead, United Kingdom
  • Nov 22 Billy M. Sprague, American rocket scientist
  • Nov 25 Jeffrey Skilling, American former CEO of Enron
  • Nov 26 Hilary Benn, British Labour Party politician, born in Hammersmith, London
  • Nov 27 Stephen "Steve" Bannon, American advisor to Trump, chair of Breitbart News, born in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Nov 29 Alex Grey, American artist, born in Columbus, Ohio
  • Nov 29 Rosemary West, English serial killer (killed nine with husband Fred West), born in Northam, England
  • Nov 30 (Alphonso) Mike Espy, American lawyer and politician (US Representative for Mississippi, 1987-93 (D); Secretary of Agriculture, 1993-94), born in Yazoo City, Mississippi

Deaths in History

  • Nov 8 Ivan Bunin, Russian poet and novelist (Gentleman from San Francisco-Nobel 1933, dies at 83
  • Nov 8 John van Melle, South African writer (Bart Nel), dies at 66

Ibn Saud

Nov 9 Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, Founder and first King of Saudi Arabia (1932-53), dies of a heart attack at 78

  • Nov 9 Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet (Child's Christmas in Wales), dies at 39
  • Nov 22 Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, Pakistani religious scholar and biographer of Muhammad, dies at 69
  • Nov 24 Robert Lightfoot, English theologist and exegetist, dies at 70

Eugene O'Neill

Nov 27 Eugene O'Neill, American playwright (Desire Under the Elms-Nobel 1936), dies of cerebellar cortical atrophy at 65