October 1954 in History

Events in History

  • Oct 1 British colony of Nigeria becomes a federation
  • Oct 2 Former French possession of Chandernagore made part of West Bengal, India
  • Oct 3 "Father Knows Best" premieres

Conference of Interest

Oct 5 10th General Conference on Weights and Measures opens, will define the Kelvin as the primary unit of temperature (after William Thomson, Lord Kelvin) [1]

  • Oct 5 Hurricane Hazel forms in the Caribbean, killing 400-1000 people in the Bahamas and Haiti
  • Oct 7 Hassan el Hodeiby, leader of the Muslim Brothership, arrested in Egypt

Catholic Encyclical

Oct 7 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Ad Sinarum gentem

Historic Event

Oct 10 Ho Chi Minh enters Hanoi after withdrawal of French troops

  • Oct 11 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Ad caeli Reginam
  • Oct 13 Robert Paul Smith and Max Shulman's "Tender Trap" premieres in NYC
  • Oct 14 Israeli act of revenge in Qibiya Jordan, kills 53
  • Oct 15 Hurricane Hazel makes landfall in the US in North Carolina as a category 4 hurricane, 195 die in US and Canada
  • Oct 17 Philadelphia Eagle Adrian Burk passes for 7 touchdowns vs Wash (49-21)
  • Oct 18 Hurricane Hazel becomes most severe to ever hit the US, killing 195 in US and Canada
  • Oct 18 Texas Instruments Inc. announces the first transistor radio.
  • Oct 19 Egypt and Great Britain sign treaty; British troops depart
  • Oct 19 First ascent of Cho Oyu, sixth highest mountain in the world at 8,201 metres
  • Oct 21 Indonesian troops land in New Guinea
  • Oct 22 West Germany joins North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Oct 23 Britain, France & US agree to end occupation of Germany
  • Oct 23 Pakistan Governor-General Ghoelan Mohammed disbands parliament

Historic Event

Oct 24 Dwight D. Eisenhower pledges United States' support to South Vietnam

  • Oct 26 Chevrolet unveils V-8 engine
  • Oct 26 City of Trieste returned to Italy
  • Oct 27 Benjamin O. Davis Jr. becomes the first African-American general in the United States Air Force.
  • Oct 28 N Richard Nash' "Rainmaker" premieres in NYC

Nobel Prize

Oct 28 Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded to Ernest Hemingway

Historic Event

Oct 29 Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser disbands the Muslim Brotherhood

  • Oct 29 Sweden begins experimental TV
  • Oct 30 US Defense Department announces elimination of all racially segregated regiments
  • Oct 31 Algerian Revolution against French begins

Birthdays in History

  • Oct 1 Rodney William "Rod" Ansell, Australian bushman and inspiration for "Crocodile Dundee", born in Murgon, Queensland (d. 1999)

Al SharptonAl Sharpton (68 years old)

Oct 3 American minister and civil rights activist (Keepin' It Real), born in Brooklyn, New York

  • Oct 11 Haitham bin Tariq, Sultan of Oman (2020-), born in Muscat, Oman
  • Oct 12 Tom Blomberg, Dutch radio host and producer (Evening Rush Hour), born in Haarlem, Netherlands
  • Oct 13 Claude Ribbe, French historian and writer, born in Paris
  • Oct 13 Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli nuclear technician and peace activist, born in Marrakesh, French Morocco
  • Oct 14 Carole Malone, English newspaper columnist
  • Oct 19 Deborah Blum, American writer
  • Oct 21 Brian Tobin, Canadian premier of Newfoundland
  • Oct 22 Carla Dunlap, bodybuilder (Pumping Iron 2), born in Newark, New Jersey
  • Oct 24 Brad Sherman, American politician, born in Los Angeles, California

Malcolm TurnbullMalcolm Turnbull (68 years old)

Oct 24 Australian politician, Prime Minister (2015-18), born in Sydney, Australia

  • Oct 24 Mike Rounds, American politician (31st Governor of South Dakota), born in Huron, South Dakota
  • Oct 24 Tom Mulcair, Quebec politician (Leader of the New Democratic Party 2012-17), born in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Oct 24 Wang Jianlin, Chinese businessman and founder of Dalian Wanda Group, born in Cangxi County, Sichuan Province
  • Oct 26 Carlos Agostinho do Rosário, Mozambican politician, Prime Minister of Mozambique (2015-), born in Maxixe, Mozambique
  • Oct 29 Lee Child [James Grant], English author (Jack Reacher novels), born in Coventry, England
  • Oct 30 Mario Testino, Peruvian-born English fashion photographer, born in Lima, Peru

Weddings in History

Corazon Aquino

Oct 11 Philippine president Corazon Aquino (21) weds Tarlac governor Benigno Aquino Jr (22) in Pasay City, Philippines

Deaths in History

  • Oct 8 Morten Korch, Danish author, dies at 78
  • Oct 12 George Welch, American World War II flying ace (Medal of Honor nominee) and test pilot, dies in a plane crash of his experiential F-100 Super Sabre at 36
  • Oct 22 Jibanananda Das, Bengali poet (b. 1899)
  • Oct 22 Oswald de Andrade, Brazilian author (one of the modernist Group of Five), dies at 64
  • Oct 22 Prosper Cocquyt, Belgian brewer and pilot, dies at 54
  • Oct 26 Floris HL Prims, Flemish priest/historian/archivist of Antwerp, dies
  • Oct 27 Sydney Horler, English detective writer (Checkmate), dies at 66