February 1955 in History

Events in History

  • Feb 1 HC Hansen appointed premier of Denmark

Appointment of Interest

Feb 8 Georgy Malenkov resigns as USSR premier and is replaced by Nikolai Bulganin

  • Feb 8 The Government of Sindh abolished Jagirdari system in the province. One million acres (4000 km²) of land thus acquired is to be distributed among the landless peasants.
  • Feb 9 Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts crematory law
  • Feb 9 US federations of trade unions merge into AFL/CIO
  • Feb 10 The US Navy evacuate 1000s from Tachen Islands in the Pacific

Event of Interest

Feb 12 President Eisenhower sends 1st US advisors to South Vietnam

  • Feb 12 Soviets decides space center built in Baikonur, Kazakhstan
  • Feb 13 Israel acquires 4 of 7 Dead Sea scrolls
  • Feb 15 1st pilot plant to produce man-made diamonds announced
  • Feb 17 Ice Pairs Championship at Vienna won by Frances Dafoe and Norris Bowden of Canada
  • Feb 18 Baghdad Pact signed, making Turkey & Iraq a defense alliance
  • Feb 19 South East Asia Collective Defense Treaty goes into effect
  • Feb 22 British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal sets sail
  • Feb 23 Edgar Faure forms French government
  • Feb 24 Pact of Baghdad signed between Iraq & Turkey
  • Feb 26 1st aviator to bail out at supersonic speed-GF Smith

Birthdays in History

  • Feb 1 Kate Ashbrook, British general secretary of the Open Spaces Society
  • Feb 3 Kirsty Wark, British broadcast journalist
  • Feb 3 Stephen Euin Cobb, American novelist
  • Feb 4 Mikuláš Dzurinda, Slovak Prime minister

John GrishamJohn Grisham (68 years old)

Feb 8 American writer (Client, Firm, Pelican Brief), born in Jonesboro, Arkansas

  • Feb 13 Joe Birkett, American lawyer, born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Feb 14 Carol Kalish, American publishing executive (Marvel Comics) (d. 1991)
  • Feb 14 Jeremy Lascelles, British grandson of English princess Mary
  • Feb 15 Bev Francis, Australia, world women's power-lifting champion
  • Feb 15 Clive Aslet, British editor (Country Life)
  • Feb 16 Guy Gallo, writer (Under the Volcano), born in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mo YanMo Yan (68 years old)

Feb 17 Chinese novelist and nobel laureate (Red Sorghum Clan, The Republic of Wine), born in Gaomi, Shandong, China

  • Feb 18 Miles Tredinnick, English playwright, born in Warrington, United Kingdom

Steve JobsSteve Jobs (1955-2011)

Feb 24 American computer entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple, born in San Francisco, California

Weddings in History

Brendan Behan

Feb 16 Playwright Brendan Behan (32) weds Beatrice Salkeld at Donnybrook Church in Dublin, Ireland

J. D. Salinger

Feb 17 Novelist J. D. Salinger (36) weds Claire Douglas

Deaths in History

  • Feb 18 Sadako Sasaki,Japanese child hibakusha (victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb), dies at 12
  • Feb 23 Paul Claudel, French poet and playwright (L'otage-1909), dies at 86